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3-3 出售免稅車輛(Duty-free Vehicle Sale)

The following documents should be enclosed with the note verbale/official letter:
1. Copy of tax certificate of the imported vehicle.
2. 4 copies of the Application Form for Sale (or Donation) of Duty-Free Vehicles Imported by Diplomatic Missions/Foreign Offices.
3. 2 copies of the Vehicle Registration Modification Form (with the Motor Vehicles Office's seal to certify that the vehicle license plate has been deregistered).

4. 2 copies of the Vehicle Title Registration Form 
5. Copy of the Vehicle Registration.
6. Vehicle Buyer's Affidavit.
7. Transfer Agreement or a copy of Bill of Sale.
8. Copy of the household registration form (If the buyer is a company, a copy of the company license must be submitted).
9. Copy of both the seller's and the buyer's ID cards (both sides).
10. If the duty-free vehicle that is being sold was imported after the year of 2012, the Vehicle Safety Type Approval Certificate is required. As for vehicles imported before 2012, please consult MOFA in advance.
Only reciprocal DMFO and their staff members qualify as applicants.