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2024-02-28MOFA response to Serbian President Vučić’s false claims regarding Taiwan
2024-02-24MOFA response to US-EU joint statement reaffirming importance of peace and stability across Taiwan Strait
2024-02-23MOFA response to discussion by foreign ministers of US, Japan, and ROK on maintaining peace and stability across Taiwan Strait on sidelines of G20 foreign ministers’ meeting
2024-02-19 MOFA response to PRC Foreign Minister Wang’s false claims regarding Taiwan
2024-02-17MOFA response to meeting between US Secretary of State Blinken and PRC Foreign Minister Wang on February 16 on sidelines of Munich Security Conference
2024-02-09MOFA response to false claims made regarding Taiwan by Russian government
2024-02-02MOFA response to inclusion of Taiwan-friendly comments in joint statement following inaugural ANZMIN
2024-01-30MOFA response to NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg’s comments regarding Taiwan during joint press conference with US Secretary of State Blinken
2024-01-29MOFA response to false claims made by Solomon Islands Prime Minister Sogavare
2024-01-28MOFA response to US National Security Advisor Sullivan underscoring importance of cross-strait peace and stability in meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang in Bangkok
2024-01-25MOFA response to false claims made in joint statement between PRC and Uzbekistan regarding Taiwan
2024-01-25MOFA response to false claims made by Antigua and Barbuda prime minister regarding Taiwan
2024-01-24MOFA response to China strongly pressuring the Philippines after Philippine President Marcos congratulated Taiwan on its elections
2024-01-15MOFA response to false statements made by some West Asian and African countries following Taiwan’s elections
2024-01-15R.O.C. (Taiwan) government has terminated diplomatic relations with Republic of Nauru with immediate effect to uphold national dignity
2024-01-14MOFA response to false claims made by Russian Foreign Ministry following Taiwan’s elections
2024-01-11MOFA response to resolutions introduced in the US Congress on Taiwan’s democracy and Taiwan-US partnership
2024-01-10MOFA response to public statement by Vice President Taro Aso of Japan’s LDP regarding Taiwan
2024-01-10MOFA response to Ambassador Yui’s meeting with US House Speaker Johnson
2024-01-10MOFA response to Chinese Commerce Ministry considering end to tariff reduction on more ECFA early-harvest products