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2022-05-21R.O.C. (Taiwan) government congratulates Australia on conclusion of its federal election
2022-05-18Taiwan wins international acclaim for press freedom, sees steady increase in foreign media presence
2022-05-13Taiwan and Israel sign Joint Declaration on Social Welfare and Social Service Cooperation
2022-05-02MOFA donates €500,000 through EBRD to help two major Ukrainian transport services maintain uninterrupted shipments of humanitarian supplies
2022-04-29R.O.C. (Taiwan) government to donate US$500,000 to support Reporters sans frontièrs Press Freedom Center in Ukraine
2022-04-25MOFA expresses deep condolences over Japanese tour boat accident in Hokkaido
2022-04-25R.O.C. (Taiwan) government congratulates French President Emmanuel Macron on his reelection
2022-04-22Foreign Minister Wu announces fourth disbursement of relief funds, totaling US$8 million, during videoconference with Kyiv Mayor in show of solidarity with Ukrainian people
2022-04-15TaiwanICDF holds high-profile side events and exhibitions at Our Ocean Conference in Palau
2022-04-15EPA Minister Chang Tzi-chin delivers keynote speech at Our Ocean Conference and holds multilateral meeting with diplomatic allies
2022-04-14MOFA welcomes visit by prominent US Congressional delegation led by Senator Lindsey Graham
2022-04-13Foreign relatives of R.O.C. (Taiwan) nationals and Alien Resident Certificate holders may apply to enter Taiwan while strict border control measures remain in place 
2022-04-06US government officially notifies Taiwan of latest arms sale
2022-04-01Foreign Minister Wu announces third disbursement of donated funds as Taiwan raises NT$930 million for Ukraine
2022-03-27Taiwan’s donation of emergency medical supplies to combat pandemic arrives in Bhutan
2022-03-18MOFA drive to collect in-kind donations for Ukrainian refugees comes to an end
2022-03-17MOFA dispatches in-kind donations from the public for Ukrainian refugees
2022-03-15MOFA makes second donation, worth US$11.5 million, to further assist Ukrainian refugees seeking shelter in five European countries
2022-03-07MOFA hosts ceremony to mark first donation of NT$100 million to assist Ukrainian refugees, showing Taiwan can help
2022-03-05MOFA launches drive to collect supplies for Ukrainian refugees, welcomes public donations