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Taiwan Today

Taiwan Today, established in May 2009, is a multi-language news portal that provides daily updates of Taiwan's political, economic, social and cultural developments and photos of the day Monday through Friday. The news is available in 9 languages.



Taiwan Today (English)


Taiwan Today (日本語)

Taiwan Info (Français)

Noticias de Taiwan (Español)

Taiwan heute (Deutsch)

Тайваньская панорама (русский)

Taiwan Today (ภาษาไทย)

Taiwan Today (Tiếng Việt)

Taiwan Today (Bahasa Indonesia)


New Southbound Policy Portal

To promote the New Southbound Policy, the NSP Portal was launched in Dec. 2016. Featuring in-depth information, including news reports and updates from the Office of the President, Executive Yuan, Taiwan missions in NSP countries, as well as Taiwan Today, Taiwan Panorama, Trending Taiwan YouTube channel operated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the NSP Portal is considered an authoritative one-step shop for the latest policy developments.

Initially unveiled in Chinese and English, the MOFA launched Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese language versions in Aug. 2018, as part of government efforts to promote the NSP and provide the latest development of various aspects of Taiwan, including culture, economics, politics and society.



Leave No One Behind

The Leave No One Behind website highlights include articles and photographs separated into the categories of Affordable UHC, Biomedical Technology, Global Contributions and Front-line Experiences. Taiwan's world-leading National Health Insurance system is spotlighted in the first, while its related cutting-edge hardware and innovations are displayed in the second, demonstrating the nation's commitment to achieving the World Health Organization's goal of universal health coverage.