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Taiwan Review

Taiwan Review, established in April 1951, is a general-interest bimonthly periodical published to inform readers around the world about the country. It is a credible source of information for academics in East Asian studies, and an engaging read for anyone who takes an interest in the trends and events that shape the lives of Taiwan's people.


Taiwan Review (English)
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Taiwán Hoy (Español)
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Taiwan Panorama

Taiwan Panorama was founded in 1976 as Sinorama magazine. Originally published only in a Chinese-English bilingual edition, further editions were later added to help meet the needs of our varied readership: a Chinese-Japanese edition as well as editions in Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian. Today, Taiwan Panorama is available in over 100 countries around the world.


Taiwan Panorama showcases Taiwan's ongoing political, economic, social, and cultural evolution with insightful writing and vibrant photographs. Each month we bring you in-depth reports on the issues you care about in a professionally translated bilingual format. For our work we have been honored with awards including the Cross-Strait Relations and Mainland News Reporting Award, the National Publication Award, and the Hsing Yun Journalism Award.



台灣光華雜誌 (中文)
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Taiwan Panorama (English)
台湾光華雑誌 (日本語)
Majalah Taiwan Panorama (Bahasa Indonesia)
Tạp chí Panorama (Tiếng Việt)
นิตยสารไต้หวันพาโนรามา (ภาษาไทย)


Taiwan at a Glance

Taiwan at a Glance provides a quick look at all aspects of the country in 14 languages covering Taiwan's environment, government, economy, society, culture and more, with easy-to-read key facts in charts and infographics.


2023-2024 TAIWAN at a Glance(英)

Coup d’œil sur TAIWAN 2023-2024(法)

2023-2024 Esbozo de TAIWÁN(西)

2023-2024 TAIWAN auf einen Blick(德)

2023-2024 台湾のしおり(日)

2023-2024 한눈에 보는 대만(韓)

2023-2024 Знакомьтесь: ТАЙВАНЬ(俄)

2023-2024 TAIWAN em um Panorama(葡)

(阿)تــايـــــوان في لمحة موجزةc

MỘT THOÁNG ĐÀI LOAN 2023-2024(越)

2023-2024 Sekilas TAIWAN(印尼)

2023-2024 ไต้หวันในหนึ่งนาที(泰)

2023-2024 TAIWAN Sepintas Lalu(馬來)

2023-2024 ТАЙВАНИЙГ нэг цонхоор(蒙古)

2022-2023 ताइवान एक नज़र में(印地)


Trending Taiwan

Trending Taiwan introduces diverse and intriguing aspects of Taiwanese culture and history. Check out the informative videos on our platform to explore this country with its natural beauty, rich heritage and vibrant society.


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International Etiquette(PDF)


The Foreign Relations Yearbook