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  • Date:2016-06-01

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is responsible for the nation’s foreign policy and diplomatic undertakings. Article 141 of the ROC Constitution states that “the foreign policy of the Republic of China shall, in a spirit of independence and initiative and on the basis of the principles of equality and reciprocity, cultivate good-neighborliness with other nations, and respect treaties and the Charter of the United Nations, in order to protect the rights and interests of overseas compatriots, promote international cooperation, advance international justice and ensure world peace.” MOFA defends ROC sovereignty and national interests in accordance with the Constitution. It spares no effort in implementing policies that enhance Taiwan’s prosperity and promoting foreign relations that strengthen the international status of the ROC.

Taiwan is dedicated to actively promoting a diplomacy for peace, creating sustainable partnerships with diplomatic allies, deepening and broadening substantive ties in various fields with countries that have similar values, and maintaining regional peace and stability. It continues to seek expanded international participation, while making concrete contributions to the global community, and enhancing its international profile through economic and humanitarian aid policies. In addition, Taiwan strives to take part in international economic and trade cooperation mechanisms, strengthen links with the region and the world, create more business opportunities overseas, and promote its economic transformation and upgrading. It also aims to take advantage of resources of the private sector, local governments, younger generations, and industries to advance the nation’s multifaceted diplomacy. Taiwan’s goal is to transform itself into a model of new Asian values, endeavoring to deepen democracy, ensure free choices, promote sustainable innovation, and resolve conflicts peacefully.