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2022-09-30R.O.C. (Taiwan) government solemnly condemns Russia’s ambition to annex Ukrainian territory through sham referendums
2022-09-29MOFA to adjust entry regulations for foreign nationals in accordance with CECC's relaxation of border control measures
2022-09-29MOFA reiterates that neither side of the Taiwan Strait is subordinate to the other, urges China to face reality and stop interfering in Taiwan’s participation in and contributions to the UN system
2022-09-26MOFA response to comments by UK Prime Minister Liz Truss in a CNN interview that the UK is determined to work with its allies to make sure Taiwan is able to defend itself:
2022-09-25MOFA solemnly denounces, strongly condemns China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi for distorting historical facts, misrepresenting UN Resolution 2758 in an attempt to excuse military provocation targeting Taiwan
2022-09-23Regarding a joint statement by the G7 Foreign Ministers and EU High Representative during the UN General Assembly opposing unilateral changes to the status quo and reaffirming peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, MOFA responds as follows:
2022-09-22Regarding US President Joe Biden’s reiteration of support for peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and opposition to unilateral changes in the status quo during his September 21 address to the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, MOFA responds as follows:
2022-09-22MOFA to fully reinstate visa-exempt treatment for nationals of eligible countries starting September 29 in accordance with adjustments to CECC antipandemic border control measures
2022-09-22MOFA, MOTC jointly declare determination to promote involvement in ICAO, emphasize that China’s recent military exercises in airspace and waters around Taiwan highlight importance of ICAO incorporating Taiwan’s participation
2022-09-21Regarding the transit of US destroyer USS Higgins and Canadian frigate HMCS Vancouver through the Taiwan Strait on September 20, MOFA responds as follows:
2022-09-19Regarding comments made by US President Joe Biden during a CBS 60 Minutes interview that US forces would assist Taiwan’s defense in the event of an attack by China, MOFA responds as follows:
2022-09-18Representative to the UK Kelly Hsieh signs book of condolence commemorating Queen Elizabeth II at Lancaster House at the invitation of the UK government, representing people and government of Taiwan in conveying nation’s sincere condolences and utmost respect for the Queen
2022-09-16Regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin restating the “one China principle” and condemning US provocations in the Taiwan Strait in a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, MOFA solemnly responds as follows:
2022-09-16MOFA sincerely welcomes European Parliament resolution on the situation in the Strait of Taiwan condemning China’s military exercises and calling for deeper partnership with Taiwan
2022-09-15MOFA thanks German government for mentioning Taiwan for the first time in its progress report on Indo-Pacific policy guidelines, and welcomes its show of concern for peace and security across the Taiwan Strait
2022-09-15MOFA thanks IPAC for communique announcing desire to continue to work through its network of national legislatures to safeguard peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, as well as Taiwan’s economic and trade security
2022-09-15Concerning the approval of the Taiwan Policy Act of 2022 by the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, MOFA responds as follows:
2022-09-12MOFA sincerely welcomes visit by Lithuanian delegation comprised of representatives of the laser and biotechnology industries led by new Vice Minister of the Economy and Innovation Karolis Žemaitis; Taiwan and Lithuania to work to create a win-win situation in cutting-edge industries
2022-09-09MOFA expresses deepest condolences at the passing of Queen Elizabeth II
2022-09-06MOFA sincerely congratulates UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss on her election as Conservative Party leader, appointment as Prime Minister, and formation of a new cabinet