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2024-06-15MOFA response to G7 leaders’ communiqué reaffirming importance of cross-strait peace and stability and endorsing for first time Taiwan’s meaningful participation in international organizations
2024-06-14MOFA response to China’s implementation of Provisions on Administrative Law Enforcement Procedures of Coast Guard Agencies from June 15
2024-06-10MOFA response to false claims regarding Taiwan made in joint statement between PRC and Pakistan
2024-06-10MOFA congratulates Indian Prime Minister Modi on reappointment; looks forward to deepening Taiwan-India relations
2024-06-06US government officially notifies Taiwan of latest arms sale
2024-06-05MOFA response to US President Biden’s statements regarding Taiwan in interview with Time magazine
2024-06-05 R.O.C. (Taiwan) government congratulates India on successful completion of 18th parliamentary election
2024-06-01International support for Taiwan’s participation reaches new heights at 77th World Health Assembly
2024-06-01MOFA response to statement from US-Japan-ROK vice foreign minister-level dialogue reaffirming importance of cross-strait peace and stability
2024-05-30MOFA sincerely thanks Czech Senate for passing resolution for fourth consecutive year backing Taiwan’s participation in WHO and other world organizations
2024-05-30MOFA response to false claims regarding Taiwan in joint statement by China and Egypt
2024-05-29MOFA sincerely thanks allies, like-minded nations for speaking up at World Health Assembly in favor of Taiwan’s participation
2024-05-29MOFA welcomes Raymond Greene’s appointment as AIT/Taipei office director
2024-05-26MOFA response to US President Biden’s reaffirmation of cross-strait peace and stability and US State Department’s concern over Chinese military drills around Taiwan
2024-05-25Foreign Minister Lin, Health and Welfare Minister Chiu hold joint press conference to express Taiwan’s staunch determination to participate in WHO and WHA
2024-05-25MOFA thanks Formosa Club in Europe cochairs for joint statement congratulating President Lai on inauguration and condemning China for launching military drill around Taiwan
2024-05-24MOFA welcomes Malaysia’s extension of automated immigration clearance to Taiwan nationals
2024-05-24MOFA response to European External Action Service statement on China’s military drills
2024-05-24MOFA response to Dutch House of Representatives passing motion urging Dutch government to work with EU and like-minded countries to support Taiwan
2024-05-23 MOFA urges China to stop raising tensions in Taiwan Strait and region