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2024-02-29MOFA welcomes European Parliament resolutions expressing concern over China’s escalation of Taiwan Strait tensions and supporting deeper comprehensive partnership with Taiwan
2024-02-29 MOFA sincerely thanks new Tuvaluan government for reaffirming staunch support of diplomatic alliance with Taiwan
2024-02-28MOFA response to Serbian President Vučić’s false claims regarding Taiwan
2024-02-26MOFA congratulates Tuvalu on appointment of Feleti Teo as new prime minister
2024-02-26Taiwan signs joint statement with like-minded countries on support for Ukraine during WTO’s 13th Ministerial Conference
2024-02-24MOFA thanks Brussels-Capital Region Parliament of Belgium for passing first-ever resolution in support of Taiwan
2024-02-24Foreign Minister Wu hosts banquet for Sasakawa Peace Foundation, further strengthening Taiwan-Japan exchanges
2024-02-24R.O.C. (Taiwan) announces in-kind donation of US$300,000 to assist Guatemala in fighting forest fire
2024-02-24MOFA response to US-EU joint statement reaffirming importance of peace and stability across Taiwan Strait
2024-02-23Taiwan and the US sign international development cooperation MOU
2024-02-23MOFA response to discussion by foreign ministers of US, Japan, and ROK on maintaining peace and stability across Taiwan Strait on sidelines of G20 foreign ministers’ meeting
2024-02-22US government officially notifies Taiwan of latest arms sale
2024-02-19 MOFA response to PRC Foreign Minister Wang’s false claims regarding Taiwan
2024-02-17MOFA response to meeting between US Secretary of State Blinken and PRC Foreign Minister Wang on February 16 on sidelines of Munich Security Conference
2024-02-16MOFA congratulates Indonesia on smooth completion of general elections
2024-02-09MOFA response to false claims made regarding Taiwan by Russian government
2024-02-09MOFA expresses sincere condolences following landslide in southern Philippines
2024-02-08MOFA thanks French Foreign Minister Séjourné for reiterating opposition to any unilateral change to Taiwan Strait status quo in response to China’s M503 route alteration
2024-02-08 MOFA welcomes Guatemala’s position on maintaining diplomatic relations with Taiwan
2024-02-06MOFA denounces Chinese Foreign Ministry’s call on Guatemala to follow “one China principle” narrative