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An International Workshop on “WTO Agreements and Public Health”

  • Date:2006-05-03
  • Data Source:公眾外交協調會

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will sponsor a workshop organized by the Chung-Hua Institute for Economic Research (Taiwan WTO Center), to be held at Tsiang Memorial Hall at the Institute, from 2:30 PM today till the end of tomorrow. The workshop consists of five discussion sessions. Domestic and foreign experts and research fellows in multilateral trade and international public health will share their points of view on some of the most important public health issues related to World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements. Topics covered include such issues as animal and plant health inspection and quarantine, food safety regulations, movement of natural persons, and intellectual property rights. Discussions will also explore how these issues relate to World Health Organization (WHO) international health regulations. The aim of the workshops is to underline that Taiwan is still wrongfully excluded from the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN), set up by the WHO, and other global surveillance and response networks. This is despite Taiwan being a WTO member and important global trading power which makes a significant contribution to international public health promotion, such as through fighting SARS and avian flu, and tobacco control. It is hoped that the workshop will alert people around the world to this untenable situation, and encourage them to help Taiwan to fight against such unreasonable and unfair treatment. Dr. Chen-en Ko, President of the Institute will open the workshop, with welcoming remarks by Deputy Minister Tzay-jinn Chen, Department of Health, and Mr. Richard J.C. Fang, Coordinator of the WHO Task Force, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In order of appearance, the invited chairpersons, speakers and discussants are: Deputy Minister Chen, Dr. Alan Randell (Australia), former Secretary-General Codex, Ambassador Ching-chang Yen, Taiwan’s former Permanent Representative to WTO, Shuh-min Wu, President of the Foundation of Medical Professionals Alliance in Taiwan, Dean Chang-fa Lo, Professor of Law, National Taiwan University, Chang-Chuan Chan, Director of the College of Public Health, National Taiwan University, Prof. Andre Rougemont (Switzerland), Director of the Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine of the University of Geneva Medical School (former WHO project leader on infectious disease control), Mrs. Jayashree WATAL (India), Intellectual department of the WTO Secretariat, Dr. Chien-Jen CHEN, Minister of National Science Council, as well as other important officials and distinguished specialists. The audience, invited by the Chung-Hua Institute for Economic Research, will be made up of about a hundred civil servants involved in WTO and public health issues, and academics from such colleges as the Law and Public Health Colleges of National Taiwan University.(E)