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December 30, 2021

1. January 26, 2021
The World Health Organization (WHO) and its Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WPRO) continue to incorrectly classify Taiwan’s confirmed cases under “Taiwan, China” in public releases of COVID-19 statistics. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) once again lodges a strong protest and expression of dissatisfaction with WHO for its erroneous labeling of Taiwan in cooperation with China’s “one China principle.” Furthermore, MOFA has instructed its offices in Geneva and the Philippines to continue to strongly protest the actions of WHO and the WPRO, and to demand WHO and the WPRO make appropriate corrections.


2. February 5, 2021
Succumbing to Chinese government pressure, the government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana announced the unilateral termination of a bilateral agreement with Taiwan on the mutual establishment of offices, less than 24 hours after the accord was announced. The government of Taiwan expressed deep regret and conveyed its utmost displeasure and condemnation at the Chinese government for once again resorting to bullying tactics to suppress Taiwan’s international presence and deny the Taiwanese people their right to participate in international affairs.


3. March 16, 2021
In February, 2021, Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shaye sent a threatening letter to senior French Senator Alain Richard, Chair of the French Senate’s Taiwan Friendship Group, demanding he cancel plans to visit Taiwan and avoid all forms of official contact with Taiwan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) strongly condemned this overt pressure by the Chinese government and its diplomat to hinder and threaten an elected official of another sovereign state, and stressed that this kind of “wolf warrior” diplomacy had set back cross-strait relations. MOFA called on the international community to squarely face the Chinese government’s crude behavior and its attempts to suppress Taiwan, and exercise the moral courage to resist China’s unacceptable interference.


4. May 24, 2021
The World Health Organization’s Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response (IPPR) published a report entitled COVID-19: Make it the Last Pandemic, in which the panel inappropriately referred to Taiwan as “Taiwan, China.” Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed deep regret and dissatisfaction regarding this matter. Taiwan’s mission in Geneva lodged a solemn protest with the IPPR on behalf of the Taiwan government, calling on the panel to make appropriate corrections to Taiwan’s designation, as well as urging it to adhere to its principles of impartiality and independence and reject inappropriate political interference from the People’s Republic of China. The Taiwan government stated that only by acknowledging Taiwan’s willingness and ability to make professional contributions could the IPPR assist the world in realizing the shared objective of improving antipandemic responses.


5. May 24, 2021
The 74th World Health Assembly (WHA) opened virtually on May 24 and Taiwan was not invited to attend. The government of Taiwan expressed regret over the World Health Organization’s (WHO) disregard for the 23.5 million people of Taiwan and their human right to health. Taiwan strongly condemned the People’s Republic of China (PRC) for repeatedly making false claims that it made proper arrangements for Taiwan’s participation in WHO, when nothing could be further from the truth. These claims were also inconsistent with the international community’s understanding of the situation and contravened the will of the people of Taiwan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs solemnly called on WHO to maintain a professional and neutral stance, resist political interference by the PRC, and promptly invite Taiwan to participate in all WHO meetings, mechanisms, and activities to safeguard the well-being of humanity and jointly combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The government of Taiwan stated it would continue to garner support from the international community and leverage this momentum to actively strive for participation in WHO and the WHA.


6. August 3, 2021
Due to pressure from China, the Arab Times deleted from its website an interview of Minister of Foreign Affairs Jaushieh Joseph Wu conducted on August 1 by a Kuwaiti think tank. The interview was replaced with a protest statement by China's embassy in Kuwait. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) solemnly condemned and strongly objected to the inappropriate interference of China's government on the freedom of the press of other countries and its intention to suppress Taiwan's freedom of expression, which underscores the aggressive nature of China's communist authoritarian regime. MOFA called on the international community to show courage and determination in standing up to China's suppression and bullying.


7. November 15, 2021
InterPride issued an English-language press release on November 12 announcing that Kaohsiung Pride had won the bid to host WorldPride in 2025, but it inappropriately referred to Taiwan as “the region of Taiwan.” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will maintain close communication with Kaohsiung Pride and provide necessary assistance to ensure that Taiwan’s national dignity and its NGOs’ right to equal international participation are upheld.


8. December 10, 2021
On December 10, the Republic of Nicaragua announced its acceptance of the “one-China principle,” unilaterally terminated diplomatic relations with the Republic of China (Taiwan), and established diplomatic ties with the People's Republic of China. To safeguard national sovereignty and dignity, Taiwan decided to terminate diplomatic relations with Nicaragua with immediate effect. The Taiwan government strongly condemns the Chinese government for again coercing a diplomatic ally to sever relations with Taiwan and for suppressing Taiwan's diplomatic space.