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3-1 進口免稅車輛(Duty-free Vehicle Import for Official or Personal Use)

The applying DMFO should send a note verbale/official letter in advance stating whether the vehicle is for official or personal use. The make, year, model and engine size of the vehicle should also be specified. The approval will be based upon various factors including reciprocity, quota and applicant status. After the vehicle is imported, the applying DMFO should submit 4 copies of the Application Form for Duty-Free Vehicles Imported by Diplomatic Missions/Foreign Offices, the packing list, a vehicle certificate from the authorized dealer or manufacturer, a Letter of Guarantee, the sales receipt(for newly purchased vehicles only) as well as the applicant's ID card to the Department of Protocol. When applying for vehicle license plates, the DMFO should submit the tax certificate and 3 copies of the New Vehicle License Plate Registration Form to the Department of Protocol. These documents will then be forwarded to the Environment Protection Administration (EPA) for review. After approval by the EPA, the Motor Vehicles Office of local municipality will issue new license plates. When the foresaid vehicle is to be sold in the future, it will have to pass inspection conforming to all of the EPA's regulations. Import of vehicles with the driver's seat on the right will not be permitted. When replacing an existing vehicle, the old license plate should be deregistered first. Only reciprocal DMFO and their staff members qualify as applicants.