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1-1 ID Card Application

1-1 ID Card Application


I.   The following documents should be enclosed with the note verbale/official letter:
․    Application form for Identification/Business Tax Exemption (BTE) Card
․    Copy of passport
․    Copy of visa
․    Application form for Uniform ID Number
․    2-inch photo (white background)
․    Copy of ID card (for renewal only)
II.   ID card application for family members born in Taiwan will require birth certificates.
III.   Short-term visa holders need to have the visa changed for a courtesy visa at the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Address: 3-5F, 2-2, Section 1, Chi Nan Road, Taipei).

IV.   Staff member's children over 20 years of age are not entitled to hold ID cards unless they are enrolled as full-time students in a public/private school or university in Taiwan. In this case the application for ID card should be accompanied by a certificate of enrollment issued by the school concerned (applicants enrolled in language centers do not qualify).

V.   When applying for a service staff ID card, two additional documents should be enclosed with the note verbale/official letter:
․    Copy of medical check-up report (issued no longer than three months prior) obtained from a public hospital designated by the Department of Health
․    Employment contract

VI.   The maximum validity period of ID cards is 2 years (1 year for service staff). The validity period may be limited by the expiration date of the applicant's passport.

VII.   Application Forms