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2015-02-17Documentary series produced by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Geographic Channel, Taiwan: Island of Fish, showcases another side of Taiwan’s soft power
2015-02-04MOFA reception honors domestic NGOs
2015-02-03MOFA hosts press conference to mark upcoming trip to Australia by ROC Teen Diplomatic Envoys
2015-01-23Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosts reception to welcome foreign dignitaries attending the 2015 World Freedom Day celebration in Taipei
2014-09-22Team-Win Lion Dance Theatre to perform in Northern Europe
2014-09-01Mixer - winner of 2014 Golden Melody Award for Best Band - to perform in Japan and Republic of Korea
2014-03-102014 International Youth Ambassadors Exchange Program registration underway
2014-02-27ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Chengchi University to Hold International Conference on Peace and Security in East Asia
2014-01-17Teen Diplomatic Envoys to visit the United Kingdom and Ireland
2013-11-26East China Sea Peace Initiative viable model for regional peace
2013-11-20Media in The Gambia question the Gambian government’s termination of relations with the Republic of China
2013-11-18Officials from ROC representative office in Malaysia arrive in Sabah following shooting and kidnapping of ROC nationals
2013-11-18MOFA assisting in search for ROC national abducted in Malaysia
2013-09-13The Republic of China (Taiwan) will attend the International Civil Aviation Organization Assembly
2013-07-22Transparency International admits that the CASS Research Center outsourced the Taiwan survey for the Global Corruption Barometer to mainland China’s Jisibar
2013-07-16International mainstream media continues coverage of ROC-New Zealand economic cooperation agreement
2013-07-15ROC-New Zealand economic cooperation agreement continues to receive international media coverage
2013-07-12International press reports significance of ROC-New Zealand economic cooperation agreement
2013-06-26Philippine and international media continue to cover Guang Da Xing No. 28 shooting incident
2013-06-19International press continues to cover the first preparatory meeting on Taiwan-Philippines fisheries cooperation