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Ministry of Foreign Affairs to hold Mosaic Taiwan 2015 program

June 11, 2015
No. 031

The Mosaic Taiwan 2015 Program will be held by the Republic of China (Taiwan) Ministry of Foreign Affairs between June 15 and July 3. The program will allow young leaders from the United States and Canada to experience Taiwan’s culture in person in the hope of increasing their understanding of the ROC and building international friendships. The program will include a variety of lecture-based courses, extracurricular outings, and visits with officials, as well as time for interaction with the youth of Taiwan.
Now in its second year, the Mosaic Taiwan program will give attendees a deeper understanding of the ROC, its culture, and its role in the international community. Attendees will, in addition to the aforementioned, engage in hands-on activities such as throwing pottery and picking tea. They will also enjoy a home-stay with a local family during the Dragon Boat Festival, the better to understand local customs.
Some 30 individuals affiliated with leading academic institutions in the U.S. and Canada will be participating in this year’s program. By and large, attendees have backgrounds in law, politics, finance, economics, and communications, and each boasts great potential. Among them are a college student who became vice chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party at the age of 21, an individual who founded a successful business at the age of 25, and another young participant who, having worked on President Obama’s election campaign and served in the Peace Corps, will be attending Harvard University.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will host an opening ceremony for the program on June 15, and a farewell party July 3, which will feature a talent show starring both program attendees and newly minted ROC foreign service officers.(E)