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NameNow Working
Dr. Jaushieh Joseph Wu
Tien, Chung-kwangDeputy Minister of Foreign Affairs & Chancellor, Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs (Since July 24, 2020)
Alexander Tah-ray YuiVice Minister of Foreign Affairs (Since June 23, 2021)
Lily L.W. HsuSecretary General (since July 26, 2020)
Catherine Y. M. HsuDirector General, Department of International Information Services (since July, 2021)
Ivan Y. J. LeeDirector General, The Office of Parliamentarian Affairs (since September 2022)
Joanne OU MOFA Spokesperson & Director-General, Public Diplomacy Coordination Council (Since August 2019)
Chih-hsin ChouDirector General, Department of Civil Service Ethics(Since January 2022)
Remus Li-Kuo ChenDirector-General of European Affairs (Since March 2021)
Wallace Minn-Gan ChowDirector General, Department of East Asian and Pacific Affairs (since October 2021)
Syin-yi Yang (Ali Yang)Director-General, Department of West Asian and African Affairs (Since August 2019)
Florencia Miao-hung HsieDirector General, Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs (Since June 23, 2021)
Douglas Yu-tien HsuDirector General, Department of North American Affairs (Since July 24, 2020)
Jason Chien-Chen LienDirector-General, Department of Treaty and Legal Affairs (Since July 2022)
Sharon S. N. WuDirector General, Department of International Organizations (since March 2021)
Tom Chih-chiang LeeDirector General, Department of Protocol (since July 2021)
Bruce Chen-jung HungDirector-General, Department of General Affairs (Since January 2021)
Li-ling HuangDirector General, Department of Personnel (since September 2021)
Pei-Hua LeeDirector General, Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (Since March 2022)
Shen Cheng-TsungDirector-General, Southern Taiwan Office (Since January 2022)