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NameNow Working
Dr. Jaushieh Joseph Wu
Harry Ho-jen TsengDeputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (since July 24, 2020)
Tien, Chung-kwangDeputy Minister of Foreign Affairs & Chancellor, Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs (Since July 24, 2020)
Alexander Tah-ray YuiVice Minister of Foreign Affairs (Since June 23, 2021)
Lily L.W. HsuSecretary General (since July 26, 2020)
Joanne OU MOFA Spokesperson & Director-General, Public Diplomacy Coordination Council (Since August 2019)
Wei-chih YinDirector-General, Department of Civil Service Ethics (Since March 2019)
Remus Li-Kuo ChenDirector-General of European Affairs (Since March 2021)
Larry R.L. TsengDirector General, Department of East Asian and Pacific Affairs (since September 2020)
Syin-yi Yang (Ali Yang)Director-General, Department of West Asian and African Affairs (Since August 2019)
Douglas Yu-tien HsuDirector General, Department of North American Affairs (Since July 24, 2020)
Kuang-chung LiangDirector-General, Department of Treaty and Legal Affairs (Since October 2018)
Florencia Miao-hung HsieDirector General, Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs (Since June 23, 2021)
Sharon S. N. WuDirector General, Department of International Organizations (since March 2021)
Tom Chih-chiang LeeDirector General, Department of Protocol (since July 2021)
Bruce Chen-jung HungDirector-General, Department of General Affairs (Since January 2021)
Wen-yuan LinDirector General, Department of Personnel (Since March 2018)
Tsai-long WanDirector-General, Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (Since January 16, 2021)
William Heng-sheng ChuangDirector-General, Southern Taiwan Office (Since September 2019)
Phoebe Yeh Director General, Bureau of Consular Affairs (Since January 2020)