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Welcome remarks by Deputy Minister Tien, Chung-kwang at IDIA for the delegation led by the Hon. Alva Baptiste, Minister for External Affairs, International Trade, Civil Aviation and Diaspora Affairs of Saint Lucia

  • Data Source:Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs
  • Date:2023-03-17

Tien, Chung-kwang
 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
 Republic of China (Taiwan)
 March 17, 2023
(As Prepared for Delivery)

Good morning!


It is a great pleasure to welcome the distinguished delegation from Saint Lucia led by Minister Baptiste to the Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs. As chancellor of the institute, and on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Minister Baptiste for joining us today to share his views on development in the global political environment with Taiwan diplomats and new recruits. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from his extensive experience in the international arena and to exchange perspectives on important topics.


Our institute prepares foreign service personnel for successful careers, encouraging them to strive for excellence and be at the vanguard of diplomacy. We provide them with expert training throughout their careers, cultivating regional expertise, language skills, leadership capabilities, personal resilience, and innovative thinking. These attributes are essential for overcoming challenges and making the most of opportunities in a dynamic global environment.


One of the best ways for new recruits to gain real-world knowledge is to interact with senior officials who have had the benefit of a long career in international relations. This is why we are so honored to be joined by Minister Baptiste, a prominent and highly respected diplomat who has played an important role in advancing Saint Lucia’s interests on the world stage. I look forward to his remarks and the engaging discussion which is sure to follow. Now let’s welcome Minister Baptiste with a warm round of applause. Thank you!