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MOFA response to US National Security Advisor Sullivan underscoring importance of cross-strait peace and stability in meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang in Bangkok

January 28, 2024

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan underscored the importance of maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait during a meeting with Wang Yi, Director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and Foreign Minister of China, in Bangkok from January 26 to 27. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the Republic of China (Taiwan) sincerely welcomes this gesture and appreciates the United States for publicly reaffirming its unwavering support for cross-strait peace and stability.

MOFA notes that the Chinese Foreign Ministry has issued a press release falsely claiming that the Taiwan issue is a matter of China’s internal affairs and that elections in Taiwan cannot change “the basic fact that Taiwan is part of China.” The press release added that the biggest risk to peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait is “Taiwan independence,” which is also the biggest challenge to China-US relations.

MOFA reiterates that the Republic of China (Taiwan) is an independent and sovereign nation and that neither it nor the People’s Republic of China is subordinate to the other. Taiwan’s presidential elections on January 13 demonstrated Taiwan’s maturity and stability as a democracy, earning praise from more than 100 countries worldwide. This reaffirms the reality and status quo across the Taiwan Strait that has long been recognized by the international community. MOFA strongly refutes and condemns China’s repeated attempts to peddle its distorted narrative of Taiwan’s sovereign status. 

MOFA solemnly states that Taiwan has always done its utmost to maintain the status quo and preserve peace and stability in the region and across the Taiwan Strait. In contrast, China has relentlessly provoked and threatened neighboring countries, using any pretext to escalate regional tensions and attempt to alter the status quo and disrupt the rules-based international order. It has repeatedly pressured countries over the Taiwan Strait issue and caused rifts in relations between Taiwan and other nations. This demonstrates that China is a destabilizing force that is undermining regional and cross-strait peace and stability. Its absurd position on “Taiwan independence” has no grounds. The international community should remain vigilant and jointly scrutinize and condemn China’s actions. 

MOFA welcomes the international community’s continued focus of attention on the security of the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan will further cooperate with the United States and other like-minded nations to jointly protect the shared values of democracy and freedom and ensure peace, stability, and prosperity across the Taiwan Strait and in the region.