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2020-12-07MOFA Minister Wu gives exclusive Guardian interview
2020-12-02MOFA Minister Wu discusses Taiwan-Australia relations in ABC in-terview
2020-11-25MOFA Minister Wu discusses Taiwan-US relations, WHA bid with Norwegian media
2020-09-28President Tsai honors individuals, organizations for roles in combating COVID-19
2020-08-24VP Lai vows to advance Taiwan’s AI technology, public health
2020-08-24AI to play bigger role in developing Taiwan's health care, medical industries
2020-08-20President Tsai charts new course for Taiwan’s post-pandemic economy
2020-08-14MOFA Minister Wu discusses Taiwan-US relations in CNN interview
2020-08-13President Tsai addresses videoconference hosted by US think tanks
2020-08-12MOFA Minister Wu meets with US Department of HHS Secretary Azar
2020-08-11President Tsai welcomes delegation led by US health secretary Alex Azar
2020-07-30President Tsai tips bigger post-pandemic global presence for Taiwan industries
2020-07-23Taiwan’s coronavirus response features in BMJ Opinion
2020-06-22President Tsai addresses Copenhagen Democracy Summit
2020-06-11MOFA Minister Wu participates in Brussels Forum webinar
2020-06-10VP Lai visits PPE manufacturer Makalot Industrial
2020-06-10Premier Su reiterates commitment to development of COVID-19 vaccine
2020-06-05Former VP Chen discusses Taiwan Model in UK Parliament meeting
2020-05-13Foreign Minister Wu talks Taiwan’s WHO participation, US support on Fox News
2020-05-11VP Chen sits down with France 24 to discuss Taiwan Model for managing COVID-19