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2014-10-09Premier orders swift probe into new oil scandal (Executive Yuan)
2014-10-07President Horacio Cartes of Paraguay makes a state visit to the ROC
2014-10-03President Blaise Compaore of Burkina Faso to attend the 103rd ROC National Day celebration
2014-10-03ROC government and people continue to provide humanitarian aid in the Middle East
2014-10-02The Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanks heads of state, ministers, and representatives of 16 diplomatic allies for their support of the ROC at the General Debate of the 69th UN General Assembly
2014-09-25Executive Yuan hikes punishment in food safety amendment(Executive Yuan)
2014-09-24Premier explains three-tier food safety control principles(Executive Yuan)
2014-09-22Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Vanessa Y. P. Shih hosts welcome reception for Sistine Chapel Choir
2014-09-17Premier lays out tough food safety measures (Executive Yuan)
2014-09-12The ROC joins the international community in condemning ISIL violence and supports international humanitarian aid plans
2014-09-11Premier orders further investigation into flow of tainted lard oil (Executive Yuan)
2014-09-09Government tackles recycled waste oil scandal (Executive Yuan)
2014-08-19Senator Jarosław Duda of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland leads delegation to the Republic of China
2014-08-01French parliamentary delegation to visit Taiwan
2014-07-29Delegation from the Hungary-Taiwan Parliamentary Friendship Association to visit Taiwan
2014-06-30Republic of China thanks European Union for affirming progress in cross-strait ties as evidenced by first-ever visit to Taiwan of mainland China’s Taiwan Affairs Office chief
2014-06-18The ROC government reaffirms its sovereignty over Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu
2014-06-12ROC government welcomes Scottish court ruling that Mr. Zain Dean be extradited to Taiwan, setting positive precedent for Taiwan-UK judicial cooperation
2014-05-30ROC, US sign memorandum of understanding on fighting human trafficking
2014-05-29Italian parliamentary delegation led by Sergio Divina, Vice President of the Italian Senate’s Defense Committee, to visit Taiwan