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Taiwan—a force for good in the international community
Taiwan can help, and Taiwan is helping!


The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has once again shown that disease knows no borders and that no gaps should exist in the global epidemic prevention network. Working on the frontline against COVID-19, Taiwan has been widely recognized by the international community for its advance preparations and actions. While prioritizing the needs of Taiwanese at home and abroad, the government has also been ready and willing to use its excess capacity to contribute to international epidemic prevention efforts. Under bilateral and multilateral frameworks, Taiwan has joined hands with international partners to help contain the outbreak, highlighting its role as a force for good in the world.

Taiwan has been proactive in pursuing international cooperation and extending humanitarian assistance. For example, Taiwan and the US issued a Joint Statement on a Partnership against Coronavirus on March 18, 2020, demonstrating a shared determination to combat the pandemic, cooperate on the research and development of vaccines, and share best practices. Taiwan’s Academia Sinica held a videoconference with officials from the European Union to explore cooperation on the development of rapid testing kits and vaccines. In addition, Taiwan has donated more than 50 million medical masks since April, 2020. Taiwan supports frontline medical personnel as they fight the pandemic in more than 80 countries that have been severely affected, including the US, European nations, diplomatic allies, New Southbound Policy partner countries, Japan, and a number of African and Middle Eastern nations. In order to jointly overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic, Taiwan will deliver even more assistance to the international community in the form of medical supplies, medicine, and technology, as long as domestic needs continue to be fully met.

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