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Forbes:China Deletes Reference To Five Years Of “Zero-Covid” Policies In Beijing — CNN

Washington Times:Virus testing the new normal as China sticks to ‘zero-COVID’

Washington Post:Shanghai faces mental health crisis as covid lockdown drags on

The Globe and Mail:China censors WHO chief after he warns ‘zero COVID' policy not sustainable
World Street Journal:China Censors WHO Chief's Call to End Covid-19 Strategy Dubbed Unsustainable

AP:Surprisingly low Shanghai COVID death count spurs questions

Washington Examinator:Xi's zero-COVID policy shows why Communist China remains a threat
The Globe and Mail:China is caught in a COVID-19 trap of its own making


The Globe and Mail:COVID-19 lockdown leaves Shanghai residents terrified, low on food
NPR:Voices from Shanghai: The trials of living through a massive COVID lockdown
Foreign Policy:Shanghai Households Are Running Out of Food

Foreign Policy:Shanghai Enters Full Lockdown

Newsweek:China, After Years Mocking U.S. Over COVID, Has World's Deadliest Hotspot
CNN:This was supposed to be Xi Jinping's big year. Instead, he's dealing with Covid and war
AP:China battles multiple outbreaks, driven by stealth omicron
Newsweek:As China Loses Zero-COVID Battle, It Switches Tactics for Trolling America


The Wall Street Journal:Omicron's Threat to Global Economy Increasingly Runs Through China

The Hill:The US is letting China off the hook over its COVID-19 coverup

Fortune:China's hardline COVID-zero response to Omicron could trigger supply chain chaos
Associated Press:China faces omicron test weeks ahead of Beijing Olympics



VOA:China Promotes Vaccines Around the World, but Critics Point to Lower Efficacy


Newsweek:We Must Act Now To Stop China's Growing Military Prowess | Opinion

New York Post:NIH admits US funded gain-of-function in Wuhan — despite Fauci's denials

CBC:Failed deal with China delayed made-in-Canada COVID-19 vaccine plans

The Wall Street Journal:The Covid Origin Muddle: The intel community’s firmest judgment is that China covered up

The New York Times:Rejecting Covid Inquiry, China Peddles Conspiracy Theories Blaming the U.S.

Washington Post:How Chinese pressure on coronavirus origins probe shocked the WHO — and led its director to push back
Business in Vancouver:China has demonstrated potential to weaponize viruses: security expert

The Wall Street Journal:Does the U.S. Want the Lab-Leak Truth?
Washington Times:China circulates "fake" document, Pompeo says, in anti-U.S. COVID propaganda offensive

Time:Why the Chinese and Russian Vaccines Haven't Been the Geopolitical Wins They Were Hoping For
Newsweek:COVID-19 Escaped From China Lab | Opinion

The Diplomat:As China Rolled Out Its COVID-19 Shots, Victims of Earlier Vaccine Scandals Vanished
Politico:The virus is winning’: China's rebuff of WHO's new Covid probe alarms experts


Associated Press:German FM: China using vaccine donations for political ends


Foreign Policy:U.S.-China Spat Over Taiwan Extends to Vaccine Diplomacy
The New York Times:Taiwan Wants German Vaccines. China May Be Standing in Its Way.
The Globe and Mail:G7 chides China over human-rights abuses in Xinjiang, demands fresh COVID-19 origins probe

The Wall Street Journal:The World Needs Answers on Covid's Origin

Associted Press:Taiwan says China exploiting vaccines for political gain

New York Times:When Covid Hit, China Was Ready to Tell Its Version of the Story
National Post:China has used COVID-19 pandemic to improve its public image: Report

CNN:A Chinese Communist Party-linked account mocked India's Covid crisis on social media. It backfired

The Diplomat:Latin America Believed in Chinese Vaccines. Now It May Have Reason to Rethink

The Globe and Mail:China owes the world the truth on COVID-19

Bloomberg News:Paraguay Says Offers of Chinese Vaccine Tied to Dumping Taiwan

Global News:China ended vaccine partnership due to politics, Canadian researcher says

The Washington Free beacon:Wuhan Lab Kept NIH Funding Despite Trump Crackdown
Newsweek:China's COVID Vaccines Trusted by Just 1.3 Percent of Taiwan-ese: Poll
The National Interest:China Is Using ‘Vaccine Diplomacy’ to Gain Influence in the Middle East
The Wall Street Journal:For Covid-19 Vaccines, Latin America Turns to China and Russia
Washington Times:Pompeo: Reckless Chinese virus labs threaten the world

Breitbart:China Admits Criminals Selling Fake Coronavirus Vaccines Have Made Millions


The New York Times:The World Deserves Answers From China


Fortune:Pfizer and BioNTech’s overlooked third partner will distribute the vaccine in China—and it’s facing some resistance

The Wall Street Journal: China Jails Citizen Journalist for Her Accounts of Covid-19 in Wuhan
The Georgia Straight: Chinese citizen journalist Zhang Zhan sentenced to four years for her reporting on outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan
CNN: Nearly half a million people may have had Covid-19 in Wuhan, study shows. That's almost 10 times the official figure

New York Times: China Peddles Falsehoods to Obscure Origin of Covid Pandemic
The Wall Street Journal: China Floats Covid-19 Theories That Point to Foreign Origins, Frozen Food
CNBC: Developing nations are first in line for China's Covid vaccines. Analysts question Beijing's intent
Quartz: China's coronavirus vaccine diplomacy has already begun
Global News: CSIS accuses Russia, China and Iran of spreading COVID-19 disinformation

CNN.COM: China's mishandling of the early stages of Covid-19 pandemic revealed by leaked documents

New York Times: In Hunt for Virus Source, WHO Let China Take Charge

AP: Negative views of China rise sharply in advanced countries
The Star Vancouver: Negative views of China reach historic highs in Canada amid COVID-19 outbreak

New York Post: China, WHO could have helped prevent COVID-19 pandemic: congressional report
Washington Times: China still spying on U.S. coronavirus vaccine efforts, Wray tells Congress
The Hill: FBI director warns that Chinese hackers are still targeting US COVID-19 research
Bloomberg Businessweek: China's Epic Dash for PPE Left the World Short on Masks

Council On Foreign Relations: How China Ramped Up Disinformation Efforts During the Pandemic
The New York Times: From Asia to Africa, China Promotes Its Vaccines to Win Friends

Time: Exclusive: The Chinese Scientist Who Sequenced the First COVID-19 Genome Speaks Out About the Controversies Surrounding His Work
The Washington Post: China says it began public use of covid-19 vaccine a month ago, bypassing clinical trials

The New York Times: Local Officials in China Hid Coronavirus Dangers From Beijing, U.S. Agencies Find
The Wall Street Journal: China Seeks to Use Access to Covid-19 Vaccines for Diplomacy

Fox News: James Carafano: China uses HHS Secretary Azar's Taiwan trip as opportunity to test US
The Wall Street Journal: Health Secretary Alex Azar Renews Swipes at China Over Coronavirus in Taiwan Visit
Washington Post: Azar criticizes China's response to coronavirus during Taiwan visit
Fox News: HHS Sec. Azar accuses China of 'hobbling' COVID-19 response, calls Taiwan a 'model of transparency'

The Hill: Azar: FDA moved quickly to stop subpar Chinese masks from being sold in US
National Post: China spat may be threatening Canada's bid to get early access to leading COVID-19 vaccine: experts
USA Today: Americans see China more negatively than ever amid coronavirus pandemic, Trump attacks, poll finds
Fox Business: China-backed hackers targeted Moderna to steal coronavirus research, says US security official

Pew Research Center: Americans Fault China for Its Role in the Spread of COVID-19
National Post: This clash of the titans shows no signs of easing
The Hill: Cruz: COVID-19 has opened eyes to dangers from China

The New York Times: How the Cold War Between China and US Is Intensifying
The Hill: House Republicans urge Trump to take action against Chinese hackers targeting coronavirus research
Fox News: Pompeo, State Department sharpen criticism of China on virus and rights abuses
Foreign Affairs: China's Self-Defeating Nationalism
Washington Post: State Department releases cable that launched claims that coronavirus escaped from Chinese lab

The Hill: Pompeo says China will 'absolutely' pay a price for pandemic
New York Times: The Chinese Decade

Newsweek: Post-COVID, Let's Leverage International Organizations to Slow Down China
Bloomberg: China Arrests Top Xi Critic, Plans Crackdown on Political Foes
National Review: How the U.S. Must Respond to China's Exploitation of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Hill: Moderate House Democrats introduce bill aimed at stopping China from exploiting coronavirus pandemic
Bloomberg Opinion: China Laps the U.S. in Latin America with Covid Diplomacy

Voice of America: China's Virus Tracking Technology Sparks Privacy Concerns

The New York Times: Twitter Takes Down Beijing-Backed Influence Operation Pushing Coronavirus Messages
NBC: Chinese consulates deploying 'mask diplomacy' in U.S. communities
Bloomberg News: As China Fights Second Wave, Taiwan Starts Stockpiling Again

The New York Times: E.U. issues its most forceful criticism of China's false information
The Daily Caller: Chinese Propaganda Outlet Has Paid US Newspapers $19 Million For Advertising, Printing
Breitbart News: Fantasy Land: China Investigates and Clears Self over Coronavirus Response
The Hill: Researchers: Satellite images hint coronavirus started in China earlier than first reported
The Hill: Scott: China trying to sabotage, slow COVID-19 vaccine development
The New York Times: China doesn't want a new world order. It wants this one.

National Review: Why the U.S. and U.K. Must Stand Up to China
Fox News: Arthur Herman: US coronavirus lockdown — China seizes chance to fulfill these global ambitions
ChinaFile: Has COVID-19 Changed How China's Leaders Approach National Security?
The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Plans to Block Flights by Chinese Airlines
Bloomberg News: The U.S. Needs a Different China Strategy
The Wall Street Journal: Beyond Hong Kong, an Emboldened Xi Jinping Pushes the Boundaries
The New York Times: Amnesia Nation: Why China Has Forgotten Its Coronavirus Outbreak
Hill Times: Parliamentary association chair defends Canada-China group as critics call for its suspension
Global News: China frustrated WHO by delaying coronavirus info, despite public praise: sources
The National Interest: China's “One Road, One Plague” Tragedy
The Hill: Top GOP lawmakers invite Blue Dogs to meet with China Task Force over coronavirus probe
The Hill: Take China seriously, not literally
The Hill: Why we need continued pandemic surveillance
National Interest: This Is Trump's Best Chance To Punish China Over Coronavirus 
Breitbart News: Report: W.H.O. Feared China Would Attack Its Scientists if Criticized on Coronavirus

The New York Times: After New Coronavirus Outbreaks, China Imposes Wuhan-Style Lockdown
The New York Times: China's Young Struggle for Jobs in the Post-Outbreak Era
Bloomberg News: U.S.-China Tension Only Set to Get Worse: 'There Is No Off Ramp'
Washington Post: Far from being weakened by coronavirus, China pursues sovereignty claims on all fronts
Foreign Policy: No, the Pandemic Will Not Bring Jobs Back From China
The Daily Caller: China Wants To Keep COVID Tracking System In Place Permanently, Fold It Into Social Credit System
Breitbart News: Chinese City Considers Permanent Health Tracking System
The Washington Free beacon: White House Pushes Back on Chinese Claims it Gives Most in Global Health Aid
USA TODAY: Xi Jinping says China strengthening armed forces amid tensions with US over coronavirus
OANN: National Security Adviser O'Brien Accuses China Of Covering Up Initial Outbreak Of Coronavirus
OANN: U.S. Vs. China: A Race To The Vaccine Finish Line
Breitbart News: GOP Rep. Green: ‘We're Already in a Great Power Competition with China' — 'The Way They've Handled COVID, Only Icing on the Cake'
Global News: Coronavirus pandemic drives home why Canada needs to loosen ties with China: former ambassador

Foreign Policy: China's Provocations Around Taiwan Aren't a Crisis
Foreign Policy: China Launches Counterattack Against U.S. Effort to Restore Taiwan's Stratus at WHO
Bloomberg News: China Must Try to Co-exist With Democratic Taiwan, Tsai says
Bloomberg News: Xi Vows China Will Share Vaccine and Gives WHO Full Backing
Bloomberg News: China Faces Angry World Seeking Virus Answers at Key WHO Meeting
Washington Times: Pompeo slams WHO for excluding Taiwan, claims China pressuring world body
The Wall Street Journal: Trump Threatens to Permanently Cut Funding to World Health Organization
The Washington Post: As U.S.-China rhetoric grows harsher, new risks emerge with Taiwan drawn into the mix
The New York Times: 'Wuhan Diary' Offers an Angry and Eerie View From Inside Quarantine
The New York Times: In China's Crisis, Xi Sees a Crucible to Strengthen His Rule
Bloomberg Businessweek: China Blew a Chance at Global Leadership Responding to Covid-19
Newsweek: Taiwan backs 'legitimate demand' for coronavirus probe after China blocks country from World Health Assembly
MacLean's: Canada and its allies must hold the Chinese government to account

Bloomberg News: U.S. Warns That Chinese Hackers Are Targeting Virus Research
Roll Call: FBI, DHS announce probe of Chinese hacking of COVID-19 research
Calgary Herald: Kenney slams China's handling of COVID-19
Maclean's: Canada and its allies must hold the Chinese government to account
Breitbart News Network: Report: Xi Jinping Asked W.H.O. Chief Tedros to Delay Pandemic Warning
Newsweek: Chinese State Media Warns Beijing Will Resist U.S.-Taiwan Collaboration Over WHO and Coronavirus
New York Times: Seeking truth, mourners in Wuhan receive threats

The New York Times: Global Backlash Builds Against China Over Coronavirus
The New York Times: Pompeo Ties Coronavirus to China Lab, Despite Spy Agencies' Uncertainty
The Hill: Trump steps up effort to blame China for coronavirus
The Hill: The Russo-Chinese axis reveals itself during the coronavirus pandemic
The Washington Post: Trump's not the only one blaming China. Americans increasingly are, too.
Washington Times: WH trade adviser Peter Navarro: 'China lied, people died'
Washington Times: Trump suggests China let virus spread on purpose
Washington Times: White House hails doctors who exposed coronavirus cover-up in rare Chinese-language address
The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Pushes EU to Back Inquiry Into China's Handling of Coronavirus
Financial Post: China must be brought to heel
MacLean's: China was in violation of International Health Regulations. What do we do now?
The Toronto Sun: Possibility that COVID-19 leaked from a lab has to be explored

Fox News: Nikki Haley launches petition urging Congress to investigate China over coronavirus crisis
AP: Trump harshly blames China for pandemic; a lab 'mistake'?
Foreign Affairs: It's Time for an Independent Coronavirus Review
Washington Times: Wuhan lab 'most likely' coronavirus source, U.S. government analysis finds
Washington Times: Rep. Michael McCaul calls for investigation into China, WHO handling of coronavirus in early stages
Washington Times: Beware of Russian and Chinese 'Trojan Horses' bearing pandemic medical aid
Washington Examiner: China rebuffs Pompeo's call for international inspections of Wuhan coronavirus lab
The National Interest: China's Coronavirus Play in the Americas
NBC: Trump administration asks intelligence agencies to find out whether China, WHO hid info on coronavirus pandemic
ChinaFile: How Is the Coronavirus Outbreak Affecting China's Relations with Its Asian Neighbors?
VOX: How China is ruthlessly exploiting the coronavirus pandemic it helped cause
Honolulu Star-Advertiser: Treat China as pariah due to its lies, secrecy
Toronto Star: The pandemic is revealing some ugly truths about China's rulers
Politico: Officials probe the threat of a coronavirus bioweapon

Fox News: Harry Kazianis: Costs of coronavirus — China must pay for its misdeeds, start with these 5 steps
Fox News: China rejects Pompeo's request for access to Wuhan lab
Fox News: China ups its spy game on US soil as it bids to control coronavirus narrative
Fox News: Pompeo blasts China, WHO over coronavirus transparency failures: 'They need to be held accountable'
Fox News: GOP lawmakers introduce bill to allow Americans to sue China over coronavirus
Foreign Affairs: China's Coronavirus Information Offensive
Council On Foreign Relations: The Hydra vs. the Headless Horseman: China and the United States
Bloomberg News: Europe Is Taking a Harder Look at China After Virus Suspicions
Bloomberg News: The World's Bad Actors See Coronavirus as an Opportunity
The Wall Street Journal: Lawsuits Target China for Coronavirus Damage
Washington Post: How China can end the covid-19 conspiracy theories before they get worse
The New York Times: China's Aggressive Diplomacy Weakens Xi Jinping's Global Standing
RealClearPolitics: Cotton: CCP's Handling Of COVID-19 Could Be "The Biggest, The Costliest, The Most Deadly Cover-up In The History Of Mankind"
The Globe and Mail: Beijing's coronavirus bungling makes Canada's choice on Huawei even easier 

CBC News: Scheer, Conservatives raise concerns about WHO data, relationship with China
National Post: Federal health committee again calls on WHO advisor to testify amid concerns over false Chinese data
Toronto Sun: EDITORIAL: Scrap WHO, build a new one
The Star: Concerns about China's influence don't end at the WHO, experts say. They're calling for sweeping reviews of international bodies
Global News: Coronavirus coverup is 'China's Chernobyl moment,' warn 100 politicians, experts
The New York Times: Notes from a witness in Wuhan
The New York Times: China's 'Donation Diplomacy' Raises Tensions With U.S.
Bloomberg: Trump Is Punishing the WHO for China's Deceptions
Foreign Affairs: The Pandemic Won't Make China the World's Leader
The Hill: China directs new research into origins of coronavirus to be 'tightly managed': report
The Hill: Former FDA commissioner: WHO should issue report on 'what China did or didn't tell the world' after pandemic
Wall Street Journal: China Still Misleads the World on the Coronavirus
Wall Street Journal: China Pushes Viral Messages to Shape Coronavirus Narrative
Bloomberg: Cooperate With China on Coronavirus But Don't Trust It
Real Clear Politics: Condoleezza Rice: China Wants To Shift The Narrative On COVID-19, Don't Let Them
National Review: Blaming China and WHO Isn't Scapegoating
The American Interest: How China's Mask Diplomacy Backfired
The Diplomat: Beijing Covered up COVID-19 Once. It Could Happen Again.
Washington Times: Dr. Anthony Fauci: China misled the world; virus erupted in mid-December
Washington Examiner: Sanction Chinese Communist Party officials for their coronavirus cover-up
Washington Examiner: Covered up for China': Criticism of WHO director grows for failures in early stages of pandemic
The Atlantic: How China Deceived the WHO
Newsmax: Viral Beijing Disinformation Infects WHO Leadership
Breitbart News: Fmr FDA Head Gottlieb: W.H.O. Should Investigate What China 'Did or Didn't Tell the World' About Coronavirus

The Hill: China's role in the coronavirus crisis
The Wall Street Journal: Lost in Beijing: The Story of the WHO
The New York Times: China's Coronavirus Battle is Waning. Its Propaganda Fight Is Not.
The National Interest: Why China's Coronavirus Lies Don't Matter If It Plays the Long Information Game
National Review: WHO Failed
Fox News: China forces Italy to buy same coronavirus supplies it had donated to Beijing a few weeks ago
Fox News: GOP sounds alarm after 'quasi-official' Chinese outlet gains access to coronavirus press briefing, promotes Beijing
National Post: China's lies allowed the coronavirus outbreak to spread

The New York Times: China's Ill-Timed Attack on the Free Press
The New York Times: Coronavirus Spurs U.S. Efforts to End China's Chokehold on Drugs
The New York Times: China Spins Tale That the U.S. Army Started the Coronavirus Epidemic
The New York Times: China Spins Coronavirus Crisis, Hailing Itself as a Global Leader
The New York Times: Senator Rick Scott: 'Communist China Cannot Be Trusted'
Wall Street Journal: China's Coronavirus Diplomacy
Wall Street Journal: China Is Not a Coronavirus Role Model
Wall Street Journal: China's Coronavirus Opportunity
Wall Street Journal: Coronavirus Pushes China's Economy to the Brink
Washington Post: Playing coronavirus politics: China puts Taiwan and world at risk
Bloomberg: Rare Spat Between Chinese Diplomats Signals Split Over Trump
Bloomberg: Coronavirus Is China's Chance to Weaken the Liberal Order
Bloomberg: Why the WHO Won't Call the Coronavirus a Pandemic
Bloomberg: China Fails the Leadership Test on Coronavirus
National Review: The Other Chinese Virus
National Review: Don't Let the Chinese Government Escape Blame for Coronavirus's Initial Spread
National Review: China's Thin Skin Bruised Yet Again
Foreign Affairs: The Coronavirus Could Reshape Global Order
Council on Foreign Relations: The WHO and China: Dereliction of Duty
Breitbart News: Taiwan: Chinese 'Cyber Warriors' Hurting Coronavirus Recovery Effort
The Globe and Mail: The coronavirus exposes the lie at the heart of Communist China
The Globe and Mail: Chinese official promoting unfounded Canadian theory that coronavirus has roots in U.S. military