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Asia-Pacific media reportage


聯合早報:財新4月中國服務業PMI跌至36.2 中國各地疫情封控,中小型服務業影響劇烈

The Australian:Xi's abject failure on Covid

South China Morning Post:Covid exposes fatal flaws in Chinese and US governing systems

讀賣新聞:中国の感染対策 「ゼロコロナ」は持続可能か

South China Morning Post:Anger at US move for Beijing staffers to flee Covid curbs



NHK:US, China still at odds over coronavirus origins

The Australian:Whatever happened in Wuhan changed the world

The Australian Financial Review:China deploys suspiciously un-Swiss biologist in virus info wars


Japan Forward:‘China Exploits the Pandemic to Impose Political Agenda,’Says Taiwan's Foreign Minister


The Sydney Morning Herald:Australia joins US vaccine push to show China isn't 'only game in town'
讀賣新聞:新型コロナ 中国ワクチン 南米攻勢 親台パラグアイ 交渉模索


Newshub:Coronavirus: Helen Clark's COVID-19 panel critical of China, World Health Organization


South China Morning Post: China seeks French cooperation in fight against virus

The Australian: Virus is China's Chernobyl moment – the cover-up continues as deadly toll mounts
Asia Times: Concern over Covid-19 vaccines from Russia, China
Lowy Institute: Inside China's Coronavirus Response

The Australian: Pax Americana is still our best hope
聯合早報: 專文:疫情與中國治理制度

South China Morning Post: China faces combined resistance from 'Five Eyes'
New Zealand Herald: Covid 19 coronavirus China: Beijing in lockdown after food market cluster identified

The Philippine Star: China the aggressor
朝日新聞: AP通信報道
讀賣新聞: 中国景況感 改善が鈍化…5月 2か月連続前月割れ

經濟新聞: 習氏 コロナで大逆風 尖閣・台湾 暴走の懸念 国賓来日 一層困難に
每日新聞: コロナ下の中国全人代 「強国路線」を見直す時だ
產經新聞: 米、ウイルスを政治化 中国強弁 損賠受け入れ拒否
每日新聞: 全人代2020 「感染症 政治安定に関わる」 習氏 国内不満に危機感
朝日新聞: 中国の「戦狼」外交 へビー級だけでは世界動かぬ
Manila Standard: China's global problem
India Today: Xi Jinping tells Chinese military to prepare for war. Is it against India, US or Taiwan?
The Times of Boost Ties with Taiwan: China can't dictate terms for everyone in Asia
The Economic Times: China's virus diplomacy: global savior of 'Wolf Warrior?
The Wall Street Journal Asia: China Rules Out Animal Market and Lab as Coronavirus Origin
This Week in Asia, SCMP: China should rein in ‘wolf warrior' diplomats and let actions talk instead
The Straits Times: Beijing says it's not using virus to advance claims in S. China Sea
South China Morning Post: Rich reconsider living, investing, studying abroad
South China Morning Post: No time for Beijing to be complacent about virus success, academic warns

South China Morning Post: Beijing advised to soften aggressive mask diplomacy
South China Morning Post: Taiwan unlikely to attend upcoming World Health Assembly due to 'politics', Vice-President Chen Chien-jen says
共同通信社: 台湾参加は「中国の問題」=茂木氏、WHO問題で
東京新聞: <新型コロナ>コロナ対策成果 台湾に中国の壁 WHO総会オブザーバー参加訴え
The Australian Financial Review: China faces angry WHO meeting
The Canberra Times: Virus inquiry campaign gathers momentum

ABC: Australia-China trade stoush over coronavirus inquiry puts exports — and more —at risk
South China Morning Post: Too soon: Chinese advisers tell ‘Wolf Warrior' diplomats to tone it down
產經新聞: 中国、コロナ乗じ台湾圧力 米議会報告書 軍事、外交分野で強化
読売新聞: WHO参加問題 中国を批判 米諮問機関「台湾の情報共有遅れ」
TBS: 茂木外相「中国の問題ある」 台湾のWHO参加めぐり

The Sydney Morning Herald: China's man in Canberra has unmasked the regime's true face
The Australian: Beijing's regime reverts to type
The Australian: Even Xi not immune from politics of corona
The Philippine Star: China must pay
The Wall Street Journal Asia: Pompeo Says There is Evidence Coronavirus Came From Wuhan Lab

The Sydney Morning Herald: China's man in Canberra has unmasked the regime's true face
South China Morning Post: Coronavirus game with hidden political messages gets blocked in China
South China Morning Post: China loses face with 'face-mask diplomacy'

South China Morning Post: Beijing sued in US for allegedly trying to cover up virus
South China Morning Post: Coronavirus: Mike Pompeo calls on China to share early virus samples, accuses Beijing of destroying some
South China Morning Post: Coronavirus: Mike Pompeo urges China for ‘full transparency' in call with top diplomat Yang Jiechi
Weekend Herald: Covid-19 coronavirus: China didn't warn public of likely pandemic for six key days

Japan Times: Taiwan's success is the bane of Beijing's propaganda
South China Morning Post: How China is losing the world's trust following its cover-up of the coronavirus crisis
朝日新聞: バチカンが衝撃の声明 中国「マスク外交」に潜む狙い
The Australian: The Chinese Embassy in Australia has released a sanitised timeline of the COVID-19 crisis
Zee TV: Wuhan Coronavirus: Taiwan's growing global profile miffs China

産経ニュース: 詫びるどころか恩に着せる中国

South China Morning Post: Has China learned its lesson from the coronavirus tragedy? Judging by its continued censorship, no
South China Morning Post: Coronavirus: leading Hong Kong microbiologist retracts op-ed claiming pandemic began in Wuhan
South China Morning Post: Flurry of Chinese diplomatic activity to stop coronavirus fallout on Beijing's agenda