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North American media reportage


CBC:China's biggest COVID-19 lockdown in 2 years prompts new supply chain concerns

Voice of America:US, Taiwanese Vice Presidents Speak at Rare Encounter in Honduras

The Globe and Mail:Somaliland asks Canada for help amid superpower rivalry in Horn of Africa


Houston Chronicle:Global Unity

Diario Las Americas:Taiwán: un aliado indispensable para la comunidad internacional
Asian Avenue Magazine:Reimaging a more resilient UN system with Taiwan in it
Atlanta Journal Constitution:Stand alongside Taiwan, a partner to the U.S. and Georgia

Caribbean News Global:Taiwan: An indispensable ally for the international community

Korea World:Limitation due to UN refusal, appeal to Korean community for support
Beacon Media News Inc.:Reimagining A More Resilient UN System With Taiwan In It

The Diplomat:Taiwan's Foreign Minister: Time to Let Taiwan Work With the UN

Toronto Sun:WU: A more resilient UN system with Taiwan in it
Diario Las Americas:Reimaginemos un sistema de la ONU más resiliente con la inclusión de Taiwán

The Globe and Mail:Canadian legislators join global network seeking to reduce Taiwan's isolation

National Post:Taiwan has been one of the few success stories throughout this pandemic

The North State Journal:WANG: Taiwan needs North Carolinian support
Bloomberg TV:Taiwan Is 'Quite Sure' it Can Control Covid Outbreak: Fmr. VP
Crain's Chicago Business:Building a resilient and inclusive global health system together—Taiwan can help
The National Interest:Let Taiwan Participate in the Global Fight Against COVID-19
Daily Herald:Let Taiwan help the world fight COVID-19

Diario Las Americas:Sistema de salud global resiliente e inclusivo, Taiwán puede ayudar

Hill Times:Building a resilient and inclusive global health system together—Taiwan can help
The Diplomat:Whether Fighting COVID-19 or the Next Pandemic, Taiwan Can Help
Caribbean News Global:Taiwan is an indispensable partner in the global fight against COVID-19
Toronto Sun:OPINION: Taiwan has lessons to teach the world about battling COVID-19

Diario Las Americas:Taiwán es un aliado indispensable en la prevención epidémica mundial y en el camino hacia la recuperación
Washington Examiner:US renews calls for Taiwan’s return to World Health Assembly as island aids India

Hill Times:Diseases know no borders, so don't shut out countries that can help

Ottawa Citizen: Taiwan, with proven success against COVID-19, should be part of World Health Organization efforts
Diario Las Americas: Lamentan exclusión de Taiwán en asamblea de la OMS

El Mundo: Legisladores de 17 países de Latinoamérica apoyan ingreso de Taiwán a la OMS
The New York Times: As WHO virus meeting kicks off, Taiwan is still waiting for its invitation
The Georgia Straight: Support Taiwan's inclusion in World Health Assembly for a better postpandemic era
Diario Las Americas: Crece apoyo internacional para ingreso de Taiwán en la OMS

Boston Globe: The Taiwan model for COVID-19 prevention

New England Diary: COVID-19 shows importance of Taiwan being admitted to WHO
National Post: Taiwan deserves a seat at the WHO
Caribbean News Global: Support Taiwan's inclusion in the post-COVID-19 global public health network

The Toronto Sun: A Voice Needed

The Epoch Times: Taiwan Requests to Participate in UN Assembly Amid Pandemic Taiwan Foreign Minister: Trade Deal Would Aid U.S.'s China Decoupling
The Diplomat: Recover Better Together: Taiwan Can Help

Caribbean News Global: Recover better together: Taiwan can help
Asian Avenue Magazine: Taiwan donates thousands more masks to Colorado
NBC News: Women who inspire: Leading through a pandemic
Sampan: Recover Better Together-Taiwan can help
Owen Sound Sun Times: Taiwanese students donate masks to Grey County homes, daycares
The Georgia Straight: Taiwan Model shows how democracy can triumph

Marti Radio TV: Presidente de Guatemala pedirá a ONU adminisión de Taiwán
El Nuevo Diario: Taiwán revela clave de su éxito contra el COVID-19; su canciller replantea necesidad de ingresar a ONU
Diario las Americas: Taiwán insiste en acceso a la ONU para ayudar contra el COVID-19
The Eagle-Tribune: Taiwan Chamber donates 20,000 masks in Methuen

Journal Inquirer: Taiwan upholds human rights, and deserves voice at U.N.
Toronto Sun: OPINION: It is never too late for the UN to welcome Taiwan
The Daily News of Newburyport: Merrimac receives 2,500 face masks from Taiwan
Manchester Enterprise: Clay County Community Receives Protective Masks from Taiwan

Augusta Chronicle: Fighting the coronavirus as a community Taiwanese Industry Association Donates Masks to Partners at Metro Atlanta Chamber

0810-0814 Taiwan Delivers Donation of 10,000 N95 Masks tl Georgia
Associated Press: Taiwan says virus aid sent quietly to avoid Beijing protests
San Francisco Chronicle: Taiwan says virus aid sent quietly to avoid Beijing protests
Voice of America: Taiwan Plans to Help the US Shift Medical Supply Chain Away from China

0803-0807 Taiwanese community donates 400 N95 respirators to Northumberland

New Market Today: Taipei consulate donates PPE to Southlake hospital
GuelphToday: Hospital in Taiwan donates 14,000 surgical masks to Guelph healthcare workers

Associated Press: Iowa got free masks from Taiwan and companies, filings show
SC abc4NEWS: South Carolina receives 92,000 surgical masks from Taiwan
abc columbia: Taiwan donates 92,000 surgical face masks to SC
WCSC Live 5 News: Taiwan donates 92,000 surgical masks to South Carolina to support frontline medical personnel

The Diplomat: China's Media Influence Has Gone Global. So Has the Pushback

Asian Avenue Magazine: The Taiwan Model: Taiwan's Experiences Can Serve Common Good
Global News: COMMENTARY: Taiwan lends a hand to Canada as China turns its back
Woodstock Sentinel-Review: Taiwanese Canadians remember Oxford legacy with PPE donation

Newsday: Taiwan gifts Suffolk with 50,000 surgical masks
CNN: Racist attacks are mounting, but in L.A., Taiwanese Americans are among the first to help
Nebraska KHGI/ABC: Taiwan donated 80,000 surgical masks to Nebraskans
ABC 11, Raleigh: 28,589 COVID-19 cases in North Carolina after 916 new cases reported; 886 deaths statewide
NC Patch: Taiwan sends 100K N95 Masks to North Carolina

The Atlantic: Is This Taiwan's Moment?
Council On Foreign Relations: Coronavirus in Taiwan: An interview with Taiwanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Jaushieh Joseph Wu on Taiwan's response to COVID-19 and the WHO
Washington Post: Taiwan beat covid-19 and won friends. At the WHO, it's still fighting for a seat at the table
The Wall Street Journal: Taiwan's President Renews Call to Hold Firm Against Chinese Pressure
Newsweek: Now, More Than Ever, The U.S. Must Back Taiwan
The Diplomat: Taiwan and the WHO: Ambassador Stanley Kao
Bloomberg News: Taiwan's Leader Riding High Into Second Term as Trump Fights China
Jerry's Blog: Taiwan's meaningful participation in the World Health Organization would implement, not violate, UN principles
Arkansas KARK-NBC 4 TV: Lt. Governor Griffin Announces Donation of 100,000 Face Masks from Taiwan
Arkansas KFFB 106.1 FM Radio: Lt. Governor Griffin Announces Donation of 100,000 Face Masks from Taiwan
Arkansas KLRT-FOX 16 TV: Lt. Governor Griffin Announces Donation of 100,000 Face Masks from Taiwan
Arkansas Pine Bluff Commerical: Lt. Governor Griffin Announces Donation of 100,000 Face Masks from Taiwan
Arkansas Governor: Phase 2 won't happen May 18
Mississippi WJTV-CBS 12 TV: Ag Commissioner accepts donation of 100,000 PPE masks from Taiwan
Mississippi WAPT-ABC 16 TV: Taiwan donates thousands of face masks to Mississippi

Washington Post: The Opening for stronger U.S.-Taiwan relations
The Washington Post: The pandemic shows why Taiwan is a far better partner than the People's Republic of China
The Diplomat: Taiwan's Medical Diplomacy in the Caribbean: A Final Stand Against Beijing?
CNBC: Taiwan says it wants to join an important WHO meeting after coronavirus strategy success. China objects to this
Bloomberg News: U.S. Senate Joins Calls for Taiwan to Regain WHO Status
National Review: It's Time to Stand with Taiwan
The National Interest: U.S. Senate Asks Mike Pompeo To Push WHO On Including Taiwan
Quartz: One country might emerge from the pandemic stronger than before
CBS4: Taiwan Donates 2nd Shipment Of Face Masks To Colorado
CBS WIBW: Shipment of 100,000 surgical masks donated from Taiwan arrives in Kansas
CBC: Taiwan's bid for WHO observer status a 'non-political issue,' says diplomat
True North Wire: Global Health Security—A Call for Taiwan's Inclusion
The Georgia Straight: Taiwan donates 500,000 surgical masks to Canada, including 25,000 to B.C., to help in fight against COVID-19
Ottawa Sun: Letters to the Editor: A FRIEND IN TAIWAN
Business in Vancouver: Trudeau thanks Taiwan for surgical-mask donation; declines to criticize Chinese COVID response
The Globe and Mail: In supporting Taiwan, Canada does the right thing – well, almost
Global News: Coronavirus: Trudeau thanks Taiwan directly for 'generous' mask donation

Associated Press: US tweets support for Taiwan, sparking opposition from China
AP: Taiwan makes new push for inclusion in World Health Assembly
Bloomberg News: How China Is Losing Europe
Bloomberg News: Taiwan Urges WHO to Defy China, Let It Join Key Annual Meeting
Bloomberg News: EU Backs Independent Probe Into Origins of Coronavirus
Bloomberg News: China Opposes Taiwan Participation in U.N. After U.S. Tweet
Breitbart News Network: Taiwan Pleads for Access to Coronavirus Data from China-Dominated W.H.O.
Breitbart News Network: Pompeo Urges W.H.O. to Let Taiwan Attend World Health Assembly
Daily Herald: Global Health Security—A Call for Taiwan's Inclusion
Global News: 500,000 surgical masks donated to Canada from Taiwan
Global News: Coronavirus: 500,000 surgical masks donated to Canada from Taiwan
Toronto Sun: OPINION: COVID-19 proves WHO requires Taiwan participation

Associated Press: Taiwan gives Wyoming 50,000 face masks for COVID-19 effort
Time: What Asian and Pacific Countries Can Teach the World About How to—and How Not to—Reopen Our Economies Taiwan's Donation of 100,000 Medical Masks Arrives in Georgia
CTV: How Taiwan is helping Canada fight COVID-19
Brandon Sun: Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council bracing for next wave of COVID-19
The Globe and Mail: ‘Mask diplomacy': Taiwan donates half a million masks to Canada with appeal for closer ties

New Boston Post: What Taiwan Did Against Coronavirus Is Working; Why Can't Taiwan Join the World Health Organization?
The Diplomat: Global Health Security: A Call for Taiwan's Inclusion 
The New York Times: Coronavirus Crisis Offers Taiwan a Chance to Push Back Against China 
Fox News: Michael Auslin: After coronavirus – Taiwan deserves a seat at the global table
Forbes: Live From Taiwan English-Language Broadcasts Provide A Home Run To Global Baseball Fans 
The National Interest: Why Taiwan Belongs in the World Health Organization 
Toronto Star: Canada should not remain silent about China's handling of COVID-19 
The Globe and Mail: For the G20 project – and multilateralism itself – the coronavirus is an existential threat
iPolitics: COVID-19 outbreak underscores importance of Taiwan's inclusion in WHO: Taiwan health minister

Foreign Policy: 'Mask Diplomacy' a Boost for Taiwan
The Diplomat: Taiwan's Health Diplomacy Didn't Start With the COVID-19 Crisis
The Atlantic: The WHO Shouldn't Be a Plaything for Great Powers
The Hill: From Taiwan Relations Act to TAIPEI Act: A robust global partnership amid crisis
The Hill: Taiwan: China's nemesis could be the WHO's salvation
Forbes: Medtronic Teams Up With Foxconn And Vietnam's Vingroup To Make Coronavirus Ventilators
Washington Post: Taiwan must participate in the WHO. Global health is too important to play politics.
National Review: It's Time to Rectify Taiwan's Shameful Treatment on the International Stage
Council on Foreign Relations: Why Does the WHO Exclude Taiwan?
Voice of America: Taiwan's WHO Ambitions Get Boost from Coronavirus Success
Fox News: Coronavirus impact on US and China relations

The National Interest: Hong Kong Reporter Slams WHO On Coddling China Over Taiwan
The Diplomat: Taiwan to Ship More Than 1 Million Face Masks to New Southbound Policy Countries Amid Pandemic
The Diplomat: China Takes Aim at Calls for Taiwanese Membership of WHO in India
Fox News: White House targets WHO 'leadership' whose coronavirus comments overstepped bounds, official says
Fox News: Taiwan shows up China, sending hard-hit countries lifesaving coronavirus supplies
Quartz: The China-Taiwan conflict is disrupting the WHO's fight against Covid-19

Washington Examiner: 'The world needs Taiwan': Coronavirus pandemic gives beleaguered island a chance to turn tables on China
Voice of America: Taiwan Competes with China through World Medical Diplomacy

NBC News: What Taiwan can teach the world on fighting the coronavirus
Time: Taiwan Has Been Shut Out of Global Health Discussions. Its Participation Could Have Saved Lives
Hill Times: Taiwan deserves a seat at the international table to fight the coronavirus