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Times:Taiwan Is Abandoning Its Zero-COVID Strategy in Favor of a 'New Model' of Coronavirus Containment

The Wall Street Journal:In Covid-19 Battle, Taiwan Finds Alternative to Chinese-Style Lockdowns

The New York Times:Taiwan relaxes its quarantine measures even as it confronts an outbreak

Bloomberg:Taiwan's Covid Zero Strategy Quashes Latest Omicron Outbreak



Forbes:The World's 100 Most Powerful Women—#9 Tsai Ing-wen

The NATO Association Canada:The Ambitions of the People's Republic of China: An Opportunity and a Threat to the Rules-Based International Order
National Review:Blinken Wants to End Taiwan's U.N. Exclusion

CNN:Democracy is waning worldwide, & Covid-19 hasn't helped. Amidst this backsliding, Taiwan has been a rare bright spot

The New York Times:In a twist, China's delay in approving BioNTech's vaccine could help Taiwan

Bloomberg News:Taiwan Rolls Out First Domestic Shots to Bypass Vaccine Woes
CNN:Taiwan's President kicks off rollout of island's first domestically produced Covid-19 vaccine
Associated Press:Taiwan's president receives domestically developed vaccine
CTV:Taiwan's president receives domestically developed vaccine
National Post:Taiwan's president leads way in first domestic COVID-19 vaccine
The New York Times:Taiwan begins using a homegrown vaccine after months of shortages in imports

Caribbean News Global:Reimagining A More Resilient UN System With Taiwan In It

National Post:West must stand up for Taiwan — at the Olympics and elsewhere

The Diplomat:Why Taiwan Is Beating COVID-19-Again

Barrie Today:Reader says we can learn from Taiwan

Deseret News:Utahns in Congress say Taiwan can teach the world how to handle COVID-19

CNN:Asia's first "travel bubble" opens between Taiwan and Palau

New York Times:Covid? What Covid? Taiwan Thrives as a Bubble of Normality
AP:Taiwan, Pacific ally Palau to open travel bubble next month

CNN:Women around the world share lessons learned during the pandemic

The Diplomat:Taiwan's COVID-19 Triumph



The Diplomat:The Role of Political Culture in Taiwan's COVID-19 Success

Fortune:Taiwan was a COVID-19-free haven—then the virus snuck back in



Forbes:Taiwan's Success Battling Covid-19 Has It Ready To Plan A Reopening Of Its Borders


The Globe and Mail:There are many ways to stop a pandemic crossing the border. Maybe Canada should try some

The Star Vancouver:Three pandemic escape routes — lost lessons from East Asia



Voice of America: Taiwan Picked a Favorite Superpower in 2020 and Quashed COVID-19
National Review: How Taiwan Won 2020: By Trusting Its Citizens, and Distrusting the Chinese Communist Party
Fortune: These Asian countries have masterfully limited COVID outbreaks. Here's how they did it

Bloomberg News: Asia Trounces U.S. in Health-Efficiency Index Amid Pandemic
Bloomberg News: My Ridiculously Good Life in Taiwan Amid the Global Pandemic
Eurasia Review: Taiwan's Economic Miracle Under COVID-19 – Analysis

Associated Press: AP Interview: Digital minister says Taiwan to guard privacy
Forbes: The World's 100 Most Powerful Women—#37 Tsai Ing-wen
Geopolitical Monitor: Unearthing the Secret to COVID-19 Successes in New Zealand and Taiwan
Voice of America: Asian Countries Handle New COVID-19 Cases without Lockdowns
CNN: Man fined $3,500 for breaking Taiwan conronavirus quarantine for 8 seconds

Bloomberg: Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan's Covid Crusher

Bloomberg: Women Are Leading Taiwan's Public Relations War Against China
The Wall Street Journal: As Coronavirus Surges in U.S. and Europe, Other Countries See One Case as Too Many
The Hill: Creative economies in Latin America: an opportunity for Taiwan
The Globe and Mail: FIRST CONTACT
NBC: Taiwan hosts biggest in-person LGBTQ Pride event of post-Covid 2020
Fox News: Contact tracing is the 'bread and butter' of public health: Dr. Amesh Adalja

Bloomberg News: Record 200 Days With No Local Case Makes Taiwan World’s Envy
Washington Post: Taiwan celebrate record 200 days with no confirmed local coronavirus transmission
CNN: Taiwan just went 200 days without a locally transmitted Covid-19 case. Here's how they did it
Voice of America: Taiwan Marks 200 Days Without New Domestically Transmitted COVID-19 Cases
Associated Press: Taiwan marks 200 days without domestic COVID-19 infection
CTV: Taiwan marks 200 days without domestic COVID-19 infection
Fortune: Fareed Zakaria: COVID-19 lockdowns are a sign of failure

National Public Radio: For Fans Hungry For Baseball, Taiwanese Announcer Made Right Call in Unusual Season

National Public Radio: Digital Minister On Taiwan’s Handling Of The Coronavirus Pandemic
Axios: As Taiwan's profile rises, so does risk of conflict with China
The National Interest: Rep. Bi-khim Hsiao: Taiwan’s Resilience Shows the Power of Freedom and Democracy

Washington Post: In a few days, more people in Trump's orbit tested positive for coronavirus than in all of Taiwan

Toronto Star: Quarantine and COVID testing are key to Taiwan's border reopening
The Wall Street Journal: Some Travelers Miss Flying So Much, They're Taking Planes to Nowhere
Quartz: The pandemic barely dented Taiwan's economy
Bloomberg News: Taiwan's Booming Domestic Travel Secures New Funding for Startup
Los Angeles Times: As O.C. campuses bring back students, here's how schools in other countries are handling reopening

Hill Times: International COVID-19 recovery efforts will be lessened unless all nations are included
Time: The 100 Most Influential People of 2020: Tsai Ing-wen
National Public Radio: Formal Ties With U.S.? Not For Now, Says Taiwan Foreign Minister
CNN: Here's how Taiwan is beating coronavirus
CNN: Taiwan led the world in closing down for Covid-19, now it wants to do the same with opening back up

Bloomberg: How Taiwan is Tackling Covid-19
Bloomberg: Taiwan's Digital Minister on LGBTQ and Non-Binary Equality
CNN: Learning from Taiwan's Covid-19 response
The Diplomat: Taiwan's COVID-19 Success Story Continues as Neighbors Fend Off New Outbreaks

El Nuevo Herlad: Con severos controles, Taiwán domina el coronavirus
Asian Avenue Magazine: Recover better together--Taiwan can help
Forbes: Amid Covid-19 Layoffs Elsewhere, Taiwan Expects Hiring Spree To Accelerate

Los Angeles Times: With a coronavirus rate near zero, Taiwanese take to camping in the great indoors

The Hill: With a once-in-a-generation opportunity, Taiwan should up its soft power game
New York Daily News: When a Trump official praised single-payer health care
The World: How Taiwan is battling coronavirus with tech, crowdsourced data and trust
Time: Taiwan Just Had Its First 10,000-Person Arena Concert Since the Pandemic Began. Here's What It Was Like to Be There
New York Post: Taiwan's president praises relationship with US as tensions with China grow

The Daily Caller: Beijing Unloads On US Official For Criticizing China's 'Anti-Epidemic Achievements' During High-Level Taiwan Visit
Diario Las Americas: Reacción airada de China por visita de funcionario de EEUU a Taiwán
Breitbart News Network: HHS Secretary Azar Salutes Taiwan's First Democratic President Lee Teng-hui
Breitbart News Network: Taiwan Foreign Minister: China Seeks to Turn Country into "Next Hong Kong"
National Review: Alex Azar on Taiwan's Coronavirus Response
Bloomberg: Taiwan's Leader Urges More Nations to Press China Over Hong Kong
Washington Post: U.S. praises Taiwan's coronavirus strategy in highest-level visit since 1979
Washington Post: A Taiwan health official tried to warn the world about novel coronavirus. The U.S. didn't listen. Taiwanese community donates 800 N95 respirators to Markham Stouffville Hospital
Breitbart News Network: Azar Lands in Taiwan with Highest-Level U.S. Delegation for Decades
Breitbart News Network: Exclusive — Alex Azar on Taiwan: ‘Very Important Partner of United States'
Washington Times: HHS chief Alex Azar lands in Taiwan, escalating tensions with China.
The Hill: Azar arrives in Taiwan amid tensions with China
The Hill: Azar meets Taiwan's president in highest-level talks in decades
AP: Azar visit to Taiwan is fresh thorn in prickly US-China ties
NBC News: Azar Leads Highest-Level US Delegation to Taiwan in Decades
NBC News: U.S. health chief praises Taiwan during highest-level visit in decades
AP: US health chief to visit Taiwan, a COVID-19 success story
Bloomberg: US Visit to Taiwan Begins, Adding to Rising China Tensions
AP: Azar leads highest-level US delegation to Taiwan in decades
New York Post: HHS Secretary Alex Azar's trip to Taiwan is a welcome slap at China
Fox: China 'firmly opposes' Secretary Azar's trip to Taiwan
iPolitics: Canada should support Taiwan's admission to the CPTPP
The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Health Chief Praises Taiwan's Covid-19 Success, Irks Beijing in Rare Visit
Newsweek: Taiwan Has Had 7 Coronavirus Deaths. Here's How
The Washington Free Beacon: HHS Secretary Rips China and Praises Taiwan as ‘Model for The World’
The New York Times: U.S. Health Official Praises Taiwan's Pandemic Response

Fox News: HHS Secretary Azar to become first US Cabinet member to visit Taiwan in six years
The Wall Street Journal: Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar to Visit Taiwan
The New York Times: U.S. Health Secretary to Visit Taiwan, in a Move Likely to Anger Beijing
Bloomberg News: Highest-Level U.S. Trip to Taiwan in Decades to Challenge China
Voice of America: US Health Secretary to Visit Taiwan, Prompting Angry Response from China
Breitbart News Network: Furious China Warns U.S. over HHS Secretary Azar Visit to Taiwan
Axios: Azar to lead delegation to Taiwan in first high-level U.S. visit in decades
Washington Examiner: Why Alex Azar's Taiwan trip has sparked China's particular fury
Miami Herald: US sending highest official to Taiwan since ties cut in 1979
Associated Press: US sending highest official to Taiwan since ties cut in 1979
Associated Press: US rescinds global 'do not travel' coronavirus warning
Global News: U.S. health chief to visit Taiwan amid the coronavirus pandemic, likely angering China
The Globe and Mail: Why Eastern countries are more successful in fighting COVID-19

Forbes: Taiwan Reaping Rare Economic Benefits Of Its Successful Battle Against Covid-19

Bloomberg News: Lives, Livelihoods and Policy — Ranking Emerging Markets
Bloomberg News: Contact Tracing Effective Without Invading Privacy, Taiwan Digital Minister Explains
CNBC: How Taiwan beat the coronavirus, plus everything else you missed in business news: CNBC After Hours

The Globe and Mail: Canada urged to bolster health screening at airports to prevent spread of COVID-19
CNBC: How Taiwan beat the coronavirus
AP: Asia Today: No masks on red carpet as Taiwan logs few cases

Associated Press: Would-be travelers in Taiwan live out dreams of flying again
NBC: The island that beat the coronavirus
The National Interest: China and Taiwan Could Be Headed Towards a Showdown. What Should America Do?

CNBC: Taiwan's economy has held up 'extremely well' despite the coronavirus, says economist
USA Today: Dream Cruises to be 'first cruise line in the world' to resume operations in July amid coronavirus
The New York Times: Taiwan Celebrates Pride With a Public Parade
Bloomberg News: Taiwan Celebrates Pride Month With World's Only Public Parade
Voice of America: Taiwan Celebrates Gay Pride
Miami Herald: Taiwan parade celebrates LGBT Pride, island's virus success
AP: Taiwan's dragon boat races among few to be held this year
Toronto Star: South Korea and Taiwan show Canada how to avoid a second wave of COVID-19, experts tell MPs
AP: Taiwan holds LGBT pride parade despite coronavirus

Toronto Star: South Korea and Taiwan show Canada how to avoid a second wave of COVID-19, experts tell MPs
The Los Angeles Times: These governments tamed COVID-19. They're keeping social distancing in place

Georgia Asian Times: GAT CONVERSATION-Daniel Hung, TECO Atlanta
The Hill Times: As we brace for COVID's second wave, some simple lessons from Taiwan and South Korea
Bloomberg News: As China Fights Second Wave, Taiwan Starts Stockpiling Again
Los Angeles Times: These governments tamed COVID-19. They're keeping social distancing in place
Time: The Best Global Responses to COVID-19 Pandemic
Quartz: Taiwan's one-week quarantine rule could be the new normal of business travel

MaClean's: Has Ontario learned anything from SARS?
Associated Press: More fans, fewer restrictions: Games go on Taiwan ballparks
Miami Herald: More fans, fewer restrictions: Games go on Taiwan ballparks
The National Interest: Why a U.S.-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement Is Needed Now More Than Ever
Quartz: Taiwan is using humor as a tool against coronavirus hoaxes

Foreign Policy: How Taiwan Can Turn Coronavirus Victory Into Economic Success
Business Insider: Taiwan successfully used viral memes, animal mascots, and teddy bears to fight its coronavirus outbreak — here's the playbook
The Diplomat: Taiwan's COVID-19 Diplomacy and WHO Participation: Losing the Battle But Winning the War?

CBS News: How Taiwan used data and tech to stop the spread of COVID-19
Fox News: Minister Joseph Wu's interview with Fox News, The Story with Martha
El Nuevo Herlad: ¿Por qué Taiwán nunca cerró los negocios ni las escuelas?
Calgary Herald: China's Taiwanese neighbours skeptical of the dictatorship

CNBC: Taiwan 'disappointed and angry' about being excluded from WHO meeting, says it is developing its own coronavirus vaccine
CNBC: These Asian economies seem to have contained the coronavirus outbreak. Here's how they did it
Time: Taiwan Says It Tried to Warn the World About Coronavirus. Here's What It Really Knew and When
Breitbart News Network: W.H.O. Outcast Taiwan Marks 12 Days of No Coronavirus Cases
New York Times: Why are nations led by women doing better?
National Post: Taiwan and its courageous leader a rare bright spot in our dreary COVID world
The Toronto Sun: Taiwan, unlike Canada, has defeated COVID-19
Le Devoir: L'éclatant succès de Taiwan

The New York Times: Taiwan's Weapon Against Coronavirus: An Epidemiologist as Vice President
The New York Times: Three Months, Two Continents and Four Stints in Quarantine
The New York Times: Special expertise pulls Taiwan vice president to the fore
Bloomberg News: U.S. Won't Tolerate Technology Fence-Sitters Any Longer
Bloomberg News: This Is How Taiwan Got a Head Start on Smashing the Virus
Foreign Policy: It's Time to Stop Pandering to Beijing Over Taiwan
The Washington Post: Taiwan's CPBL becomes first baseball league to allow fans during coronavirus
Fox News: Minister Joseph Wu's interview with Fox News The Story with Martha
Fox News: Bipartisan lawmakers push to have Taiwan included in World Health Agency meeting, China pushes back
National Review: Taiwan:Pariah and Poster Child
AP: Taiwan baseball fans allowed inside stadium but sit apart
PBS NewsHour: How Taiwan has become a COVID-19 success story
Business in Vancouver: How Asia reopened after COVID, #4: Taiwan remains top performer despite loophole threat

Center for American Progress: International lessons learned from coronavirus reopenings
The New York Times: In a Crisis, True Leaders Stand Out
The New York Times: Taiwan Says ‘Play Ball!' (With Cardboard Fans and Robot Drummers)
The Hill: More women in government roles leads to greater national security
The Washington Post: Taiwan's de facto ambassador to the U.S. is optimistic in the age of coronavirus
The Washington Times: Mike Pompeo presses case against China over virus origin cover-up, Taiwan
CBS News: Taiwan is a "great example of how to deal with the coronavirus," expert says
Fortune: How to play live pro sports in a pandemic? Taiwan, South Korea offer lessons
Boston Globe: Taiwan baseball league set to allow fans back in ballparks
Marti Radio TV: Vietnam y Taiwán encabezan lista de victorias contra COVID-19
National Review: The Week

The Diplomat: Tsai Ing-wen 2.0
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: Inside Taiwan's Response to COVID-19
USA Today: Coronavirus crisis: What America can learn from other nations in the war on COVID-19
NBC: In Taiwan, the coronavirus pandemic is playing out very differently. What does life without a lockdown look like?
New York Post: Why Taiwan was the only nation that Responded Correctly to Coronavirus
The Diplomat: COVID-19 Brings Cross-Strait Relations to a Crossroads
The Diplomat: Covering All the Bases: How Taiwan Opened Its Baseball Season Amid COVID-19
Voice of America: Batter Up! How a Taiwanese Baseball League Opened its 2020 Season Despite COVID-19
Voice of America: Top US Health Official Discussed Fighting COVID-19 With Taiwanese Counterpart
The Wall Street Journal: Taiwan's Coronavirus Example
The Wall Street Journal: Baseball Is Back in Taiwan—With Cardboard Cutouts Instead of Fans
Bloomberg News: Taiwan Dodges the Worst Economic Impacts of Coronavirus
Bloomberg News: Global Coronavirus Shutdown Tests Taiwan's Economic Resilience
Bloomberg News: Taiwan Emerging From Pandemic With a Stronger Hand Against China
Bloomberg News: U.S. Makes a Rare Nod Toward Taiwan With Call to Discuss Virus
Quartz: The world's baseball fans are being kept entertained by just four pro teams in Taiwan
National Public Radio: Taiwan's Coronavirus Moment — And Delicate Balancing Act
AFAR: What life looks like in lockdown countries - Taiwan:  I definitely consider myself lucky to be living in Taiwan amidst the pandemic
Diario Las Americas: Taiwán nos muestra el camino al regreso
KHOU 11 TV: Taiwan's response to coronavirus pandemic praised
Edmonton Journal: Alberta looks a bit more like Taiwan than Sweden

Quartz: Taiwan hasn't needed lockdowns to fight the coronavirus, but it simulated one anyway
Quartz: The world's baseball fans are being kept entertained by just four pro teams in Taiwan
Washington Post: Female world leaders hailed as voices of reason amid the coronavirus chaos
Washington Post: The 6 factors that determine coronavirus containment or devastation
Newsmax: Defense of US Economy Starts in Taiwan
New York Daily News: Baseball is back in Taiwan and maybe MLB can learn a thing or two
NBC News: In Taiwan, the coronavirus pandemic is playing out very differently. What does life without a lockdown look like?
NBC News: The only baseball in the world right now is in Taiwan — and they need English broadcasters
Center for Strategic & International Studies: How is Taiwan Effectively Fighting Covid-19?
Global News: Taiwan used cellphone tracking, big data to contain spread of COVID-19 — should Canada do the same?
The Toronto Sun: HSU: Lessons from Taiwan's COVID-19 battle
Toronto Star: We can learn from Taiwan on how to fight coronavirus
Toronto Star: 23 million people, 6 deaths: How Taiwan tackled the COVID-19 crisis
National Post: How Taiwan and Singapore managed to contain COVID-19, while letting normal life go on
CBC Radio: How Taiwan quickly controlled the coronavirus
CBC Radio: Inside Taiwan during COVID-19: How the country kept schools and businesses open throughout pandemic
CBC Radio: Is Taiwan's impressive response to COVID-19 possible in Canada?
CBC Radio: How Taiwan quickly controlled the coronavirus
CBC Radio: How Taiwan keeps kids safe at school amid COVID-19
Los Angeles Times: Professional baseball in Taiwan has begun in empty stadiums

Time: President of Taiwan: How My Country Prevented a Major Outbreak of COVID-19
Time: Missing Baseball? Taiwanese Games Are Now Broadcasting in English. Here's How to Watch Live  
The New York Times: Can the N.B.A. Learn From Taiwan's Basketball Bubble?
Washington Post: As Taiwan shows, the antidote to the virus is freedom
NBC News: Professional baseball is back — in Taiwan, where robots will be the spectators
National Interest: America Needs an American Pandemic Strategy
Forbes: What Do Countries With The Best Coronavirus Responses Have In Common? Women Leaders
CNN: As governments fumbled their coronavirus response, these four got it right. Here's how.
CNN: Women leaders are doing a disproportionately great job at handling the pandemic. So why aren't there more of them?
Voice of America: Taiwan's WHO Ambitions Get Boost from Coronavirus Success
National Public Radio: Taiwan Reports No New Coronavirus Cases, Adding To Success In Fighting Pandemic
Washington Examiner: Why China is threatening to destroy Taiwan for succeeding against coronavirus
Foreign Policy Research Institute: The Streisand Effect gets geopolitical: China's (unintended) amplification of Taiwan
The Diplomat: Taiwan's Baseball, Basketball Leagues Back in Action as the World Watches
Breitbart News: Taiwan: Robot Fans Cheer at World's First Baseball Game Since Pandemic
Voice of America: COVID-19 Cases Near Zero in Taiwan, But Restrictions Remain

The Wall Street Journal: Opinion: U.S. Should Learn From Taiwan's Coronavirus Response
Bloomberg Opinion: Taiwan's Viral Success Makes It Harder to Ignore
Bloomberg News: Culpan on Taiwan's success in controlling COVID-19 (Radio)
Democracy Now: How Taiwan Contained COVID-19: Early Action, Technology & Millions of Face Masks
NBC: Taiwan's coronavirus success bolsters case for joining WHO, experts say
The National Interest: Taiwan's Success Against the Coronavirus Could Spur Greater U.S.-Taiwan Cooperation
National Post: Derek H. Burney on the coronavirus crisis: Could the G7 resolve this international chaos?
The Globe and Mail: When viruses threaten, the strongest disinfectant is democracy

Forbes: Encouraging Outlook—In Taiwan, Singapore And South Korea Life Is Continuing Without Lockdowns
Bloomberg News: Taiwan's Viral Success Makes It Harder to Ignore

New York Times: Tracking the Coronavirus: How Crowded Asian Cities Tackled an Epidemic
New York Times: They've Contained the Coronavirus. Here's How.
Fox News: How Taiwan is keeping its coronavirus numbers low
The Wall Street Journal: Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong Face Second Wave of Coronavirus Cases
Foreign Affairs: How Civic Technology Can Help Stop a Pandemic
Foreign Policy: Fear of China Made Taiwan a Coronavirus Success Story
Foreign Policy: Taiwan Wants to Help Fight the Coronavirus. WHO Won't Let It.
The Diplomat: Amid Coronavirus Concerns, Taiwan Takes Measures to Restrict Travel From China
Forbes: Do Exceptional Situations Demand Exceptional Measures?
Bloomberg News: Taiwan to Shut Borders to Foreigners in Bid to Combat Virus
Bloomberg News: Taiwan Joins Global Wave of Rate Cuts in Bid to Combat Virus
Bloomberg News: China's Coronavirus Problem Is an Opportunity for Taiwan
Bloomberg News: Skip the Coronavirus Denial and Stop the Dying
Washington Times: Democratic Taiwan rises to virus challenge despite Beijing's hostility
Time: What We Can Learn From Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong About Handling Coronavirus
Epoch Times: What Canada Can Learn From Taiwan in Dealing With COVID-19 Crisis
iPolitics: Lessons on handling the COVID-19 outbreak from Taiwan
CBC: How Taiwan keeps kids safe at school amid COVID-19
National Post: How Taiwan and Singapore managed to contain COVID-19, while letting normal life go on
The Toronto Sun: CHEN: Taiwan has COVID-19 lessons to share with the world