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Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation launched

  • Date:2018-06-01
  • Data Source:Public Diplomacy Coordination Council

June 1, 2018

The Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation, under the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, officially began operations June 1, following detailed planning and preparation, and the filing of its articles of registration.

One of the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation’s major responsibilities will be to organize the annual Yushan Forum, and to promote the event as a regular and multitrack platform for regional dialogue. The foundation will also be responsible for integrating ties among domestic and overseas think tanks, fostering the development of young leaders, and promoting cooperation and exchange among NGOs.

The Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation will help combine the power of think tanks, young people, and NGOs, giving full play to their flexibility and strengths. It will be joining forces with such nongovernmental actors to promote the New Southbound Policy and assist Taiwan in strengthening its connectivity with the people of the Indo-Pacific region and expanding its ties and collaboration with regional key players. (E)