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Opening remarks by Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu at the press conference for the visit of European Parliament Vice President Nicola Beer

  • Data Source:Department of European Affairs
  • Date:2022-07-21

Jaushieh Joseph Wu
 Minister of Foreign Affairs 
 Republic of China (Taiwan)
 July 21, 2022
 (As Prepared for Delivery)

Good afternoon!

It is a great pleasure to cohost this press conference with Vice President Beer. This marks the first time for an incumbent Vice President of the European Parliament to visit Taiwan in an official capacity. Her visit reflects the ever-thriving relations between the European Parliament and Taiwan. It also underscores how like-minded democratic partners can work together to counter the encroachment and convergence of authoritarian regimes.

Taiwan is on the front line of democratic opposition to authoritarianism. And democracy is indeed the most important asset for our defense. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has changed the world. It has also altered Taiwan's strategic importance in the new geopolitical landscape. In facing China's continuous threats against Taiwan, democracies should support one another and stand united so as to better counter Chinese coercion and pressure.

I am confident that Vice President Beer has learned more about Taiwan's development during this trip. No doubt, this visit will encourage her to continue urging democratic communities to voice support for Taiwan. I look forward to witnessing the further deepening of Taiwan-EU relations across a wide range of areas. Thank you.