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Remarks by Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu at the 2023 China in the World Summit

  • Data Source:Department of NGO International Affairs
  • Date:2023-12-05

Jaushieh Joseph Wu

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Republic of China (Taiwan)

December 5, 2023

(As Prepared for Delivery)

Ladies and gentlemen:

Good morning!

On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan, it is a great pleasure to address the 2023 China in the World (CITW) Summit. I thank the Doublethink Lab for inviting me to join you today as we work to defend and bolster democracy around the globe.

This year’s summit holds particular significance as it is being held ahead of Taiwan’s presidential and legislative elections. China’s interference looms large even as we celebrate Taiwan’s democratic development. Standing on the front line against authoritarian expansionism, we face Chinese coercion and gray-zone tactics on a daily basis. Taiwan is not only the constant target of military intimidation and political coercion, but also a testing ground for China’s cognitive warfare. 

In preparation for Taiwan’s elections early next year, China once again aims to exploit Taiwan’s open society through hybrid means. It is using military threats, economic coercion, disinformation campaigns, and illegal financial flows to try and shape the outcome of our elections. This interference intensifies as elections draw near, creating social distrust and division to undermine Taiwan’s democratic system. We shouldn’t let authoritarian China get its way, and get away with it, whether in Taiwan or anywhere else.

To counter these threats, our government has established a cross-agency mechanism for reporting, verifying, and rapidly clarifying disinformation. We have strengthened policy communication with various sectors of society and worked to enhance public media literacy. Within the cabinet, I believe the foreign ministry might be the most effective when it comes to dealing with disinformation. 

Furthermore, Taiwan’s public and private sectors are working together to combat cognitive warfare used by authoritarian regimes. Many Taiwanese NGOs represented here, including the host of this event, Doublethink Lab, are helping our civil society build capacity and resilience against disinformation and malign influence. Their outstanding performance has been internationally recognized and they are frequently invited to other countries to share Taiwan’s experiences. I believe many of you are familiar with their work. 

As China’s expansionist ambitions grow, so have its efforts to expand its influence worldwide through military, economic, technological, and cognitive means. To enhance democratic resilience, like-minded partners must unite and develop a strong response. This includes raising awareness about the nature and extent of China’s malign influence on Taiwan in the democratic world and within international organizations. 

The Doublethink Lab’s China Index and CITW Summit give us an opportunity to discuss and tackle the threats China poses to the rules-based international order and help safeguard democracy against digital authoritarianism. Moreover, the CITW network facilitates year-round international collaboration among activists, researchers, and technology communities, contributing to a stronger democratic alliance. Only by enriching our toolbox can we prevent democracy from gradually being discredited, eroded, and divided.

Ladies and gentlemen, we must continue to work together to defend shared values and counter China’s malign influence. Your participation in this meaningful event reminds the people of Taiwan that we are not alone. I am confident that the initiatives started by the CITW community will steadily advance and inspire similar projects worldwide. 

In closing, I wish this week’s event every success. Thank you!