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MOFA response to comments by Honduran Foreign Minister Reina as reported by Honduran news outlet El Mundo

March 21, 2023

El Mundo, a Honduran news outlet, reports that Minister of Foreign Affairs of Honduras Eduardo Enrique Reina has stated that Honduras is waiting for an official notification from China to commence negotiations on the establishment of formal relations. Its report that Republic of China (Taiwan) Ambassador to Honduras Vivia Chun-fei Chang has received notification documents concerning the termination of bilateral diplomatic relations is false. Honduras has not delivered any official documents to Taiwan regarding the termination of the diplomatic alliance. The R.O.C. (Taiwan) Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is continuing to monitor interactions between China and Honduras. 

Concerning Minister Reina’s comment that Taiwan has turned to Ecuador, a diplomatic ally of China, to procure whiteleg shrimp, the reality is that prices quoted by Honduran exporters are above market price. This development is determined by market mechanisms. Taiwan has previously assisted Honduras in expanding its markets. As for Honduras’s plan to export whiteleg shrimp to China, Taiwan reminds the Honduran government that under international market mechanisms, Honduran products will face even greater competition in China. 

MOFA reiterates that since President Iris Xiomara Castro Sarmiento assumed office in January 2022, Taiwan has continued to engage Honduras in consultations on bilateral cooperation projects in accordance with the administrative priorities of the Honduran government. Taiwan has on multiple occasions conveyed its willingness to assist Honduras in promoting national development to the best of its capabilities. It again urges Honduras to take note of China’s false promises. Communication between Taiwan and Honduras has continued. Taiwan has consistently and proactively responded to proposals raised by Honduras, expressing its sincerity and utmost goodwill to assist Honduras to the greatest extent possible. Since warning signs appeared in bilateral relations, MOFA has devoted its greatest effort toward preserving the diplomatic ties between the two countries. However, it will definitely not engage in monetary competition with China. 

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Honduras todavía no ha recibido una comunicación oficial para comenzar las negociaciones con China