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MOFA response to 5.9-magnitude earthquake in northwest Türkiye

November 23, 2022

Early on the morning of November 23, Düzce Province in northwest Türkiye experienced a shallow 5.9-magnitude earthquake. Tremors could also be clearly felt in adjacent provinces, including Istanbul and Ankara. Thus far, 35 people have been listed as injured and 18 aftershocks have been recorded.

On behalf of Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Ambassador Anthony Chung-yi Ho, Director General of the Department of West Asian and African Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), immediately extended heartfelt concern, as well as best wishes for the speedy recovery of the injured, to Muhammed Berdibek, Representative of the Turkish Trade Office in Taipei. In addition, MOFA has instructed the Taipei Economic and Cultural Mission in Ankara (TECMA) to investigate and report on the conditions of the disaster. There have been no reports of any injuries among overseas compatriots or Taiwanese nationals due to the earthquake. TECMA staff members and their families are all safe. TECMA will continue to keep abreast of and report on all new developments and needs stemming from the disaster, in particular whether any Taiwanese nationals have been affected.


MOFA reminds all Taiwanese nationals living, traveling, or conducting business in Türkiye to remain alert and pay heed to their personal safety, as aftershocks could strike again at any time. In case of emergency or urgent matters, they may call the TECMA emergency hotline at +90-532-322-7162 or the MOFA emergency hotline at +886-800-085-095 for timely assistance. 

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