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MOFA response to US President Biden’s emphasis on cross-strait peace and stability in phone call with Chinese leader Xi

April 3, 2024 

United States President Joe Biden reaffirmed the importance of maintaining the status quo of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait during a phone call with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on April 2.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has always paid close attention to high-level interactions between the United States and China. Enjoying mutual trust and smooth communication, Taiwan and the United States have long maintained close contact regarding high-level US-China interactions. President Biden recently emphasized US support for maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait for the first time in a State of the Union address. MOFA welcomes and appreciates this newest reiteration of the US firm position on the importance of preserving cross-strait peace and stability. 


The United States has asserted on multiple occasions that its commitment to Taiwan is rock-solid, principled, and bipartisan. It recognizes Taiwan as a beacon of democracy to the world, a vibrant society, a robust economy, a leading technology hub, and a close partner. When meeting with high-level Taiwan officials this week, American Institute in Taiwan Chairperson Laura Rosenberger publicly conveyed continued US support for Taiwan and pledged to deepen Taiwan-US cooperation across all domains.


China’s ongoing military expansion and gray-zone provocations have been posing formidable challenges to the region. MOFA welcomes the international community’s continued focus on peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. As a responsible member of the global village, Taiwan will do its utmost to enhance its self-defense capabilities. It will also steadily deepen its comprehensive partnership and strengthen close cooperation with the United States. Taiwan will continue to work with like-minded partners to safeguard the rules-based international order and ensure peace, stability, and prosperity across the Taiwan Strait and in the Indo-Pacific region.