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MOFA response to Japanese Foreign Minister Yōko Kamikawa raising importance of cross-strait peace and stability in meeting with Chinese counterpart Wang Yi

November 26, 2023

Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Yōko Kamikawa reaffirmed the importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait during a bilateral meeting with Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Busan on November 25. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes and appreciates Japan’s public expression of support for cross-strait peace during a meeting with China. 

The Japanese government has reiterated its concern over the situation across the Taiwan Strait and voiced support for Taiwan at several recent international events. In addition to this meeting, Japan has also underscored the importance of cross-strait peace at the Japan-UK foreign and defense ministerial meeting on November 7 and the bilateral meeting between Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Chinese leader Xi Jinping on November 17 on the sidelines of the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting. This demonstrates Japan’s high regard for the maintenance of stability across the Taiwan Strait.

As a responsible and important member of the Indo-Pacific region, Taiwan is actively enhancing its self-defense capabilities. It will also continue to deepen cooperation with Japan, the United States, the European Union, and other like-minded countries to jointly uphold a free and open Indo-Pacific and preserve global peace, stability, and prosperity.