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MOFA response to signing of Taiwan-UK Enhanced Trade Partnership Arrangement on November 8

November 8, 2023

Taiwan Representative to the United Kingdom Amb. Kelly Wu-chiao Hsieh and Representative of the British Office in Taipei John Dennis, representing the Executive Yuan’s Office of Trade Negotiations and the UK Department of Business and Trade, respectively, signed the Enhanced Trade Partnership (ETP) Arrangement in a videoconference on November 8. This instrument establishes a bilateral cooperation framework for three major areas—investment, energy and net-zero emissions, and digital trade. The two countries are expected to sign separate agreements for each of these areas in the future. 

Minister without Portfolio and Trade Representative Deng Chen-chung and UK Minister for International Trade Nigel Huddleston announced the launch of official talks on the bilateral ETP on July 26. The signing of the ETP Arrangement, which is thanks to the efforts of both sides, will further strengthen global economic security and supply chain resilience and help maintain a free and open international trade order.

The United Kingdom is Taiwan’s important trade partner in Europe. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the Republic of China (Taiwan) welcomes and affirms this new milestone in Taiwan-UK economic and trade relations. Under the ETP framework, Taiwan and the United Kingdom will further advance their bilateral trade partnership. MOFA will continue to support the Executive Yuan’s Office of Trade Negotiations in closely working with the UK government to promote substantive economic and trade exchanges.