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Republic of China (Taiwan) officially withdraws from PARLACEN with immediate effect to uphold national dignity

August 22, 2023

No. 002


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the Republic of China (Taiwan) solemnly issues the following statement: On the morning of August 21, the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN) forced through a proposal by the Nicaraguan parliamentary group to exclude Taiwan and include China. The R.O.C. (Taiwan) government protests this action in the strongest terms and, to uphold national sovereignty and dignity, has decided to officially withdraw from the PARLACEN with immediate effect.


In conformity with China’s conspiracy to exclude Taiwan from the PARLACEN, the Nicaraguan parliamentary group and pro-China parliamentarians disregarded Taiwan’s long-term contributions to the PARLACEN as well as to the integration and development of Central America. They did not hesitate to sow division within the PARLACEN and undermine democracy and harmony in the region, pressuring the PARLACEN to adopt the highly controversial proposal to exclude Taiwan and include China. MOFA strongly condemns Daniel Ortega’s dictatorial regime for willingly serving as a Chinese pawn, erroneously citing United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758 and manipulating the false narrative of the so-called “one China principle.” This plot to deprive Taiwan of its rights and interests in the PARLACEN gravely harms the cooperation and friendship that the peoples of Taiwan and Central America have enjoyed for so many years, as well as highlighting China’s relentless scheming to erode democracy in Central America and its expansionist ambitions in the region. The R.O.C. (Taiwan) government strongly denounces Nicaragua and China for their brazen actions aimed at damaging Taiwan’s rights, interests, and status.


The founding principles of the PARLACEN seek to promote and expand cooperation among Central American nations, enhance the welfare of people in the region, consolidate political democracy, and advance regional integration and peace. The R.O.C. (Taiwan), on the basis of its support for and affirmation of these ideals, became an extra-regional permanent observer of the PARLACEN in 1999. Working in cooperation with member states over the years, it has implemented numerous bilateral and regional projects that have furthered regional prosperity and development. The R.O.C. (Taiwan) has always been a loyal partner of the PARLACEN, promoting regional peace and integration.


MOFA reiterates that the R.O.C. (Taiwan) is a sovereign and independent country and that neither the R.O.C. (Taiwan) nor the People’s Republic of China are subordinate to the other. These are facts and the status quo. China’s unrelenting use of various tactics to suppress Taiwan’s international participation and overt attempts to meddle in Taiwan’s democratic elections will not gain China the affirmation of the global community, but they will bolster Taiwan’s determination to proactively expand its international presence. Taiwan will never yield to China’s rhetorical assaults or military intimidation. Taiwan will staunchly uphold the values of freedom and democracy, actively working with diplomatic allies and like-minded countries to jointly safeguard regional peace and stability, in addition to striving for Taiwan’s rightful international space and status. (E)