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MOFA opposes and condemns any improper measures that undermine the norms of the international trading system and will fully support Lithuania in counteracting economic coercion in conjunction with such like-minded partners as the US and the EU

  • Date:2021-12-10
  • Data Source:Department of European Affairs

December 10, 2021
No. 269
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs solemnly condemns China’s recent economic coercion targeting Lithuania, which, in complete disregard for the rules-based international trading system, has been designed to force Lithuania into changing its foreign policy decision to develop relations with Taiwan and to mutually establish representative offices with our country.
Taiwan urges China to immediately cease these discriminatory and retaliatory trade measures against Lithuania, including alleged technical problems intended to prohibit Lithuanian shipments from being cleared through China’s customs, and coercing third countries to not import raw materials and parts from Lithuania. China intends to evade international scrutiny regarding such improper suppression.
In response to the sanctions that China has imposed on Lithuanian goods, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell and European Commission Executive Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis issued a joint statement on December 8 stating that the EU “is ready to stand up against all types of political pressure and coercive measures applied against any Member State.” On the same day, the European Commission proposed a new tool to protect against the use of economic coercion by third countries. Its purpose is to deter third countries from restricting or threatening to restrict trade or investment, and prevent serious interference in the sovereignty of the EU or its Member States.
On December 10, US State Department Spokesperson Ned Price stated that the US welcomes steps by Taiwan and Lithuania to deepen their cooperation and open offices in each other’s territories. He called on US businesses to operate with their eyes wide open and be aware of abuses perpetrated by China.
The government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is as greatly concerned about this grave issue as the United States and European Union. Taiwan reaffirms its firm support of the rules-based international trading system and urges the international community to condemn and counter authoritarian economic coercion tactics to safeguard a fair, free, and mutually beneficial international trade environment.
Taiwan and Lithuania, which share the values of freedom, democracy, and human rights, have agreed to mutually establish representative offices and deepen bilateral relations. Taiwan is willing to expand bilateral cooperation in such fields as trade, science and technology, education, and culture. In October, a trade and investment delegation from Taiwan visited Lithuania to explore trade opportunities with great success. The two sides signed six MOUs and held more than 280 business-to-business meetings. This showed that the two countries enjoy great potential for exploiting opportunities in such areas as investment, industrial partnerships, and supply chain security.
In November, former Vice President Chen Chien-jen visited Lithuania, speaking at the Future of Democracy forum, where he shared Taiwan’s experience with democratization. The chairs of Taiwan parliamentary friendship groups and other parliamentarians from the Baltic states visited Taiwan in December to attend the Open Parliament Forum, expressing firm support for Taiwan’s democracy through concrete action. As a like-minded partner, Taiwan will fully support Lithuania’s efforts to counter China’s unreasonable suppression and continue to strengthen bilateral cooperation, including boosting trade and procurement volumes and conducting a joint defense against the hybrid threats posed by authoritarian regimes. (E)