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MOFA condemns terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians by Palestinian military group Hamas

  • Date:2023-10-07
  • Data Source:Department of West Asian and African Affairs

October 7, 2023  

No. 331  

The Palestinian military group Hamas fired a volley of rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip in the early hours of October 7. Hamas militants also entered Israeli territory, indiscriminately attacking residents. Heavy casualties have been reported. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) strongly condemns Hamas for the terrorist attack on Israeli civilians and causing the deaths of innocent people.

Following the attack, Amb. Anthony Chung-yi Ho, Director General of MOFA’s Department of West Asian and African Affairs, immediately expressed Taiwan’s concerns on behalf of Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu to Maya Yaron, Representative of the Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei. MOFA will continue to cooperate with like-minded countries to jointly resist all forms of terrorist attacks. 

According to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Tel Aviv, all staff and their families as well as Taiwanese community members and nationals in Israel are currently safe. TECO will continue to closely follow related developments. Due to the escalation in tensions between Israel and Palestine, MOFA advises nationals of Taiwan who are planning a trip or are currently in Israel for business or tourism to exercise increased caution and pay attention to their personal safety. Taiwanese nationals in Israel who are in danger or need emergency assistance can call TECO at + 972-544-275-204 or the MOFA Emergency Call Center hotline at +886-800-085-095. (E)