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MOFA donates €500,000 through EBRD to help two major Ukrainian transport services maintain uninterrupted shipments of humanitarian supplies

  • Date:2022-05-02
  • Data Source:Department of International Organizations

April 28, 2022
Press Release no. 100

The Republic of China (Taiwan) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) signed an agreement on donations for Ukraine at the EBRD headquarters in London on April 28. The accord was signed by Ambassador Kelly W. Hsieh, Taiwan Representative to the United Kingdom, and EBRD Managing Director for Impact and Partnerships Ines Rocha. Under this agreement, Taiwan will provide €500,000 in financial assistance from the special account set up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) for accepting monetary donations for Ukraine. The funds will go through the EBRD to help Ukraine’s state-run postal institution and a logistics company restore their cross-border transport systems, maintain essential shipping operations, and deliver international humanitarian supplies to Ukraine. This initiative is among the first batch of technical cooperation programs launched by the EBRD to support the Ukrainian people, who have been deeply impacted by Russia’s invasion. Sweden has also donated to this initiative. 

Since the war broke out, Ukraine’s outbound transport services have been seriously affected, including the operations of its largest state-run postal institution and logistics company. To facilitate prompt assistance by the international community and, with Poland serving as the transshipment center for food, medical, and other important humanitarian supplies, MOFA is leveraging funds donated by the Taiwanese people to participate in the EBRD’s initiative. This will ensure that the two most important Ukrainian transport companies can maintain uninterrupted services and that Ukraine can remain connected with the rest of the world. The donation once again shows that the peoples of Taiwan and Ukraine stand together and highlights the importance of mutual humanitarian concern and assistance.

Having worked closely together for decades, Taiwan and the EBRD have in recent years cooperated on promoting Ukraine’s development in such areas as sustainable agriculture, urban planning, legal reform, and talent cultivation. These efforts have helped secure Ukraine’s agricultural production, technology transformation, thus improving economic and social development. As a member of the international community’s alliance of democracies, Taiwan will continue to stand united with like-minded countries and international organizations in combating authoritarianism and aggression. Taiwan will also fulfill its responsibilities as a member of the international community by providing timely and essential assistance to Ukraine, thus demonstrating that Taiwan can help.

Founded in 1991, the London-based EBRD is a highly reputed regional development bank. The mandate of the EBRD is to assist countries and areas in central and eastern Europe, central Asia, and the southern and eastern Mediterranean region in transitioning to market economies and promoting democracy and pluralism. (E)