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MOFA statement on loss of video feed during panel discussion with Digital Minister Audrey Tang at US Summit for Democracy

  • Date:2021-12-13
  • Data Source:Department of North American Affairs


The United States provided a prompt explanation to Taiwan regarding a temporary loss of video feed when Digital Minister Audrey Tang was giving concluding remarks in a panel discussion during the US Summit for Democracy on December 10. The United States acknowledged Minister Tang’s professional abilities and major contributions to promoting open and transparent government, as well as expressing pleasure that Minister Tang shared information at the summit. Minister Tang’s presentation was prepared in accordance with suggestions from the organizers and submitted prior to the event; it was not an impromptu broadcast. With regard to the video feed anomaly, the United States explained that a technical issue at the summit control center resulted in a malfunction of the screen-sharing feature. Taiwan and the United States have fully communicated on this technical issue. Our two countries share strong mutual trust and a solid friendship.

After the summit, the United States posted the complete video of Minister Tang’s remarks on the official website of the Summit for Democracy ( Minister Tang also shared the complete content on her website and Facebook account. Interested individuals are invited to view the video.

This incident clearly demonstrates the core concepts discussed by Minister Tang during the Technology for Democracy session at the Summit for Democracy, i.e., democratic nations worldwide must unite to cooperate on digital technology, jointly countering the threat to democracy posed by misinformation and disinformation, enhancing media literacy, and providing accurate information to citizens. We must do so to protect and promote our cherished values of freedom, democracy, and human rights.    

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs once again expresses its gratitude to the United States for inviting Minister Tang to the Summit for Democracy. Taiwan looks forward to deepening cooperation with the United States and other democratic partners to jointly counter authoritarian expansionism and safeguard global democracy, as well as regional peace and stability. 

Complete clip of Minister Tang’s remarks at the Summit for Democracy

US Summit for Democracy website