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US Democratic National Convention again incorporates friendly statement reaffirming support for Taiwan in party platform

  • Date:2020-08-20
  • Data Source:Public Diplomacy Coordination Council

August 20, 2020
No. 177

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) welcomes and appreciates the US Democratic Party’s reaffirmation of its staunch support for Taiwan in its 2020 platform. The Democratic National Convention, now being held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, approved the party platform on August 18, incorporating a reference to Taiwan in the Asia-Pacific section reiterating that the “Democrats are committed to the Taiwan Relations Act and will continue to support a peaceful resolution of cross-strait issues consistent with the wishes and best interests of the people of Taiwan.” 

Taiwan enjoys longstanding friendships with both the Democratic and Republican parties of the United States. The Democratic National Convention, convened once every four years, is being held online for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Taiwan-friendly statement in the 2020 Democratic Party Platform is highly significant in that it demonstrates the high level of importance that the party attaches to consolidating the Taiwan-US partnership and ensuring peace in the Taiwan Strait, as well as the enduring friendships that its party members share with Taiwan. MOFA looks forward to continuing to work closely with both the Democratic and Republican parties to steadily deepen their global cooperative partnerships on the basis of shared values. (E)