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Foreign Minister Wu hosts welcome luncheon for Paraguayan delegation led by Senate President Ovelar

  • Date:2024-04-16
  • Data Source:Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs

April 16, 2024  

No. 140  

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Jaushieh Joseph Wu hosted a luncheon on April 16 in honor of a five-member delegation from the Republic of Paraguay led by Senate President Silvio Adalberto Ovelar Benítez. The two sides exchanged opinions on training healthcare and high-tech personnel and promoting parliamentary links and economic and trade exchanges. They pledged to continue to strengthen the diplomatic alliance between Taiwan and Paraguay. 


Minister Wu said that President Ovelar’s third trip to Taiwan was beneficial to high-level bilateral friendship. He thanked Paraguay for its staunch support of the diplomatic alliance and of Taiwan’s international participation. Minister Wu also said that he had often spoken directly with Paraguayan President Santiago Peña and Foreign Minister Rubén Ramírez on issues of mutual concern, recalling previous meetings fondly. He reiterated that Taiwan was willing to share its development experience with Paraguay and to continue to help Paraguay with its national development.


President Ovelar thanked the government of Taiwan for inviting the delegation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for making arrangements and providing cordial hospitality. He stressed that the 67-year diplomatic alliance was strong, private-sector exchanges were brisk, and the people and government of Paraguay were appreciative of Taiwan’s long-term assistance. He further explained that Taiwan had implemented a program to improve medical information management in Paraguay and that the two countries had cooperated on important initiatives such as Taiwan-Paraguay Polytechnic University, which had all been widely praised in Paraguay. He stressed rock-solid support for the diplomatic alliance in the Paraguayan parliament and said he hoped relations would continue to grow stronger.


In recent years, Taiwan and Paraguay have engaged in close cooperation in the areas of economics and trade, education, public heath, and information and communications technology. Looking ahead, the two sides will continue to strengthen their mutually beneficial cooperative relationship, promote joint prosperity, and advance the welfare of both peoples. (E)