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R.O.C. (Taiwan) government has terminated diplomatic relations with Republic of Nauru with immediate effect to uphold national dignity

  • Date:2024-01-15
  • Data Source:Department of East Asian and Pacific Affairs

January 15, 2024
Statement No. 1

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) issues the following solemn statement:

The government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has learned that the Republic of Nauru, a diplomatic ally in the Pacific, will be terminating diplomatic relations with Taiwan on the grounds of United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758 and the “one China principle.” To safeguard national sovereignty and dignity, Taiwan has decided to terminate diplomatic relations with Nauru with immediate effect, end all bilateral cooperation projects, recall staff of its embassy and Technical Mission in Nauru, and demand that Nauru close its embassy in Taiwan.


China has long made efforts to approach prominent political figures in Nauru, offering economic assistance as incentive to persuade Nauru to switch diplomatic recognition. The Parliament of Nauru passed a vote of no confidence against then President Russ Joseph Kun on October 25 last year. On October 30, it elected David Adeang as his successor and completed a cabinet reshuffle. After the new government assumed office, Taiwan promptly engaged Nauru regarding bilateral cooperation projects. However, Nauru repeatedly demanded massive amounts of economic assistance from Taiwan and proceeded to compare Taiwan’s aid proposals with those of China.


Based on the long-standing friendship between Taiwan and Nauru, Taiwan demonstrated the greatest sincerity and, within its capacity, proposed assistance programs. In fact, for many years the R.O.C. (Taiwan) government has promoted cooperation projects in Nauru that have benefited people’s livelihoods and assisted Nauru’s overall national development. Nauru, however, lured by China’s enticements and disregarding the long-term assistance and friendship from Taiwan, began negotiations with China on the establishment of diplomatic relations. Nauru has also deferred to China’s “one China principle” and adopted false narratives stemming from an erroneous interpretation of UN General Assembly Resolution 2758. The R.O.C. (Taiwan) government expresses great disappointment and regret and strongly condemns Nauru for its actions. 


At this particular time, when many democratic nations across the world are congratulating Taiwan on the smooth completion of its elections and on a victory for democracy, the Beijing authorities chose such a way to suppress Taiwan, which constitutes an attack on the order and stability of the international community. Beijing’s actions are a repudiation of democratic values and an open challenge to the international order.


Responsibility for all of this lies with Beijing. Taiwan urges the Beijing authorities to renounce confrontation, return to the international order, and pursue joint endeavors with Taiwan and all members of the region that benefit all parties and create win-win situations. (E)