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Taiwan announces US$1 million in aid for resettlement and reconstruction in Libya following flooding

  • Date:2023-09-14
  • Data Source:Department of West Asian and African Affairs

September 14, 2023

No. 299

Acting in a spirit of humanitarianism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has announced a donation of US$1 million to assist with resettlement and reconstruction in areas of eastern Libya hit by a storm and torrential rains which caused flash floods that overwhelmed dams, leading to extensive damage and loss of human life. 


After the disaster, MOFA promptly instructed the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Jordan, which has purview over Libya, to convey the concern and condolences of the government and people of Taiwan to the Libyan Embassy in Jordan and express willingness to provide assistance. Taiwan and Libya currently do not have formal diplomatic relations or representative offices in each other’s countries. Yet in the spirit of humanitarian assistance, MOFA will donate US$1 million to the Libyan government to assist with resettlement and reconstruction in hopes that affected people may quickly rebuild their homes and return to normal life.


Storm Daniel caused historic rainfall in mountainous areas of eastern Libya on September 10 and 11, leading to massive flooding in cities such as Derna and Benghazi. The number of dead has continued to rise in the past several days and, according to Libyan government statistics, reached 5,300 by September 14, with over 10,000 missing. (E)