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Czech delegation led by Chamber of Deputies Speaker Adamová signs 11 MOUs and statements during visit to Taiwan, deepening the comprehensive partnership with Taiwan

  • Date:2023-03-29
  • Data Source:Department of European Affairs

March 29, 2023

No. 091


Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Jaushieh Joseph Wu and Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic Markéta Pekarová Adamová witnessed the signing of three cooperation MOUs between Taiwan and the Czech Republic at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 29. Speaker Adamová and President You Si-kun of the Legislative Yuan also signed a statement of parliamentary friendship between the two countries, while Minister Kung Ming-hsin of the National Development Council announced at the signing ceremony that the investment committee of the Central and Eastern Europe Investment Fund (CEE Fund) has approved an investment in the Czech virtual reality firm VRgineers. The investment of up to US$5 million is to be made by the second quarter of this year. Furthermore, business leaders and academics in the delegation signed seven cooperation MOUs with their Taiwanese counterparts. The Czech delegation’s visit to Taiwan has produced a variety of beneficial outcomes.


In addition to the statement on bilateral parliamentary friendship, a letter of intent on museum and exhibition cooperation was signed by Director Hung Shih-yu of the National Taiwan Museum and Director Michal Lukeš of the National Museum of the Czech Republic. President Li Tsai-yen of National Chengchi University and Vice-Rector Jan Polák of Charles University in Prague further signed a cooperation MOU on supply chain resilience teaching and research centers. On behalf of the Institute for National Defense and Security Research, a Taiwanese think tank, Acting Deputy CEO Shen Ming-shih signed a MOU on research cooperation with Director Ondřej Ditrych of the Institute of International Relations Prague.


In his remarks at the signing ceremony, Minister Wu expressed appreciation for Speaker Adamová’s support of the bilateral friendship. Noting that her visit marked the opening of a new chapter in Taiwan-Czech relations, he said he was pleased that Taiwanese companies had enthusiastically participated in the business matchmaking event and that many accords had been signed, which he anticipated would lead to significant business opportunities. Minister Wu stressed that in the face of authoritarian expansionism and growing challenges around the world, Taiwan will proactively cooperate with the Czech Republic and other partners that share common values to strengthen the resilience of democratic supply chains.


Speaker Adamová expressed delight at the many accomplishments on bilateral cooperation that were achieved at the signing ceremony. She stated that the Russia-Ukraine war has affected the Czech Republic and other countries and urged democratic partners to unite and coordinate an active response. Speaker Adamová thanked President Tsai Ing-wen for her interest in the special website created by the Czech Chamber of Deputies for this Taiwan trip, which lists members of the delegation and plans for the visit, adding that this underscores the two countries’ consensus on and mutual support of advancing bilateral relations. In closing, she noted that although this has already been a successful visit, she sees no limits to further deepening bilateral ties. She also professed a conviction that the two sides would continue to work together to safeguard shared values.


Minister Kung mentioned that many applications have been received since Taiwan established the US$200 million CEE Fund. He announced that investment in a Czech project involving a virtual reality developer of up to US$5 million has recently been approved. He also said that Taiwania Capital, managing agency for the CEE Fund, will again send representatives to the Czech Republic in April to seek business opportunities, which will pave the way for deeper bilateral investment, economic, and trade cooperation.


Legislative Yuan President You thanked Speaker Adamová for honoring her promise to lead a delegation to Taiwan in an admirable demonstration of the high level of trust between democratic partners despite continuous protests from China. He considered the statement of parliamentary friendship signed today as highly significant in accentuating the solidarity and cooperation between free and democratic nations. With the democratic world under constant threat, the parliaments of Taiwan and the Czech Republic will provide a platform for exchanges on various issues and personnel interactions, which will facilitate greater mutual understanding and a stronger, more diverse democratic partnership linking the two countries, said President You.


Taiwan and the Czech Republic are like-minded partners. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes this visit to Taiwan by Speaker Adamová and the Czech delegation; the noteworthy outcomes in bilateral exchanges in politics, economy and trade, science and technology, industry, culture, academics, and other domains; and the advancement and deepening of the comprehensive substantive partnership based on the existing solid foundation. (E)