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MOFA rebuts China’s false claims concerning Taiwan’s sovereignty

  • Date:2022-04-26
  • Data Source:Public Diplomacy Coordination Council

April 26, 2022


The Republic of China (Taiwan) is an independent, sovereign country. This is an indisputable fact. Taiwan is a peace-loving, highly developed, and mature democracy. It has Embassies in 14 diplomatic allies; in total, it maintains 110 overseas missions (including Embassies, Representative Offices, and local offices) in more than 70 countries. Taiwan enjoys substantive cooperation with nations around the world in a wide array of domains, including the economy, culture, education, and technology. Furthermore, Taiwan holds a key strategic position in the world. It plays an indispensable role in contributing to global supply chains, resisting authoritarian expansionism, and other areas.
The R.O.C. (Taiwan) government has consistently upheld a liberal democratic constitutional system. The future of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is determined by Taiwan’s 23.5 million people. The common consensus of the Taiwanese people is to maintain their democratic system and free way of life.
Taiwan has never been part of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). This is an objective fact and an internationally recognized status quo. No claim by the PRC government concerning Taiwan’s sovereignty will change the fact that neither side of the Taiwan Strait is subordinate to the other. Taiwan’s sovereignty belongs to the Taiwanese people, and only Taiwanese themselves can decide Taiwan’s future.
The Chinese Communist Party regime continues to falsely claim sovereignty over Taiwan in an attempt to eradicate the existence of the R.O.C. In fact, the PRC regime has never governed Taiwan for even a single day. Only the popularly elected government of Taiwan can represent the people of Taiwan in the international community. Taiwan’s status under international law is long established. The PRC has no right to make pronouncements on Taiwan or interfere in its foreign relations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Taiwan strongly condemns the deception and lies of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the PRC State Council.
MOFA firmly reiterates that neither Taiwan nor the PRC is subordinate to the other. Taiwan’s sovereignty must not be encroached upon or usurped. Taiwan will neither provoke nor bow to pressure from China. The government will continue to staunchly defend Taiwan’s territorial integrity, national sovereignty, and national security. Taiwan will work to maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific.
MOFA has always honored the political mandate bestowed by the Taiwanese people through democratic elections. Defending national sovereignty, safeguarding national dignity, advancing national interests, and continuing to elevate Taiwan’s international status are MOFA’s responsibilities. Present and past press releases and policy documents distributed by MOFA are open government information. This information is published on MOFA’s website and in other relevant open government documents for public reference in accordance with the Freedom of Government Information Law.