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Foreign Minister Wu announces fourth disbursement of relief funds, totaling US$8 million, during videoconference with Kyiv Mayor in show of solidarity with Ukrainian people

  • Date:2022-04-22
  • Data Source:Department of European Affairs

April 22, 2022
No. 092


Minister of Foreign Affairs Jaushieh Joseph Wu held a videoconference with Vitali Klitschko, Mayor of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, on April 22. He conveyed the Taiwanese people’s sincere concern and sympathies to the Ukrainian people for their suffering as a result of the ruthless military conflict. He also announced a donation of US$8 million from funds raised by the Taiwanese people to assist Ukraine, with US$3 million allocated to Kyiv and US$5 million to six Ukrainian medical institutions. Minister Wu emphasized that the direct assistance provided by Taiwan will alleviate the suffering of people within war-torn Ukraine.


During the videoconference, Minister Wu said that Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine on February 24 has not only inflicted tremendous harm upon the people of Ukraine, but also gravely threatened the global order and democratic community. He said that as like-minded and democratic partners, Taiwan and Ukraine are on the front line of resistance against authoritarian expansionism. He added that Taiwan is willing to work in solidarity with Ukraine, showing humanitarian concern for and standing together with the people of Ukraine.


Since Russia mounted its invasion, Taiwan has supported Ukraine through a number of concrete actions. In the early stages of the conflict, Taiwan shipped 27 tons of medical supplies to the Polish government’s Governmental Strategic Reserves Agency for distribution to Ukrainian people in need in both Poland and Ukraine. On March 17, Taiwan began shipping 650 tons of humanitarian relief supplies—generously donated by the Taiwanese people on their own initiative—to Slovakia, Poland, and neighboring countries for prompt delivery to Ukraine.


Furthermore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs set up a special account through the Relieve Disaster Foundation to accept monetary donations. This received an overwhelming response from the Taiwanese public, amassing close to NT$940 million (approximately US$33 million) within one month. In addition to this latest round of donations to Kyiv and Ukrainian medical institutions, Taiwan has already made a series of donations totaling over US$20 million to neighboring countries, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and the Baltic states. These funds have been used to help shelter Ukrainian refugees displaced by the conflict.


During the videoconference, Mayor Klitschko said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was undoubtedly an act of war, and not a so-called “special military operation.” He said that Russian soldiers have not only shot Ukrainian military personnel, but also brutally killed civilians, including defenseless children and women. He said he believes strongly that Ukraine’s courageous resistance against Russia is not only a matter of regional and global peace, but also a fight to defend global freedom and democracy. He said that Ukraine has urged the international community to severely condemn and implement sanctions against Russia, and that peace will not prevail until the last Russian soldier leaves Ukraine.


Mayor Klitschko went on to emphasize that Ukrainians are staunch believers in freedom and peace, and are willing to work together with democracies around the world to defend such shared values as democracy, freedom, and human rights. He said that Ukrainians would rather die than surrender. He expressed Ukraine’s gratitude to the government and people of Taiwan for their ardent support and said that Ukrainians would never forget these acts of kindness and generosity.


Minister Wu reiterated that the government and people of Taiwan also face heightened threats from an authoritarian regime across the Taiwan Strait, which is why the Taiwanese empathize with Ukraine’s suffering so strongly. He said that Taiwanese people’s impassioned donation of supplies and money was a means of showing strong support for Ukraine. Minister Wu also expressed his admiration for Mayor Klitschko’s unwavering fighting spirit in his former career as a professional boxer, which has shone through in resisting Russian forces and inspired many Taiwanese people. Mayor Klitschko said that he hopes the war will end soon and that he would be happy to invite Minister Wu to visit Kyiv after the war and give a personal tour of his reconstructed homeland. (E)