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MOFA arranges second bus to evacuate 11 nationals, nine foreign family members from Ukraine to Poland

  • Date:2022-03-02
  • Data Source:Department of West Asian and African Affairs

March 2, 2022
MOFA arranges second bus to evacuate 11 nationals, nine foreign family members from Ukraine to Poland
Having organized the safe evacuation of a first group of Republic of China (Taiwan) nationals from Ukraine to Poland by bus on February 24, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) arranged for a second bus on March 2 to evacuate 11 additional nationals stranded in Kyiv and the eastern and southeastern parts of Ukraine. The bus arrived in Poland at approximately 11:00 (Taipei time).
The bus carried 20 passengers in total, including the 11 nationals, plus their spouses and other family members of Ukrainian nationality. Based on humanitarian considerations, MOFA accorded equal treatment to all evacuees, transporting them to Poland, where they were met at the Ukraine-Poland border and attended to by personnel from Taiwan’s Representative Office in Poland and the Taiwan Trade Center in Kyiv.  Assistance will be provided as needed in accordance with nationals’ wishes to return to Taiwan or proceed to another country. Including the first group of nationals evacuated by MOFA through collaborative efforts by Taiwan’s Representative Offices in Russia, Poland, and Slovakia, and those who left Ukraine independently at the advice of the Representative Offices, a total of 47 nationals have been assisted in leaving Ukraine.
Nine nationals remain in Ukraine, with seven in Kyiv (including two newborn children and one individual who has recently made contact), one in Odessa in the south, and one in Lviv in the west. Taiwan’s Representative Office in Russia and the Taiwan Trade Center in Kyiv have maintained contact with these individuals through a messaging group to express concern and provide updates and safety information to help ensure their personal safety.
MOFA again urges nationals not to travel to Ukraine and strongly advises those remaining there to leave the country for safer locations as soon as possible. Any nationals still in Ukraine who have not yet contacted Taiwan’s Representative Offices should immediately call the emergency hotline of the Representative Office in Russia at +7-969-008-6111 or the Taiwan Trade Center in Kyiv at +380-44-537-0982.