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MOFA sincerely thanks allies, like-minded nations for speaking up at World Health Assembly in favor of Taiwan’s participation

  • Date:2024-05-29
  • Data Source:Department of International Organizations

May 29, 2024  

No. 192  

On the second day of the 77th World Health Assembly (WHA), nations continued to speak in favor of justice for Taiwan. This followed the opening day, when diplomatic allies and other friendly nations came out in support of Taiwan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sincerely appreciates this show of support.


Eleven diplomatic allies, speaking in their capacity as members of the World Health Organization (WHO), made statements at different events mentioning Taiwan. Meanwhile, like-minded nations have been particularly vocal in their support since the start of the meeting, making statements more forceful than in the past. As of May 28, Japan, Canada, the Czech Republic, the United States, New Zealand, Lithuania, Estonia, and Luxembourg had spoken out, making specific reference to Taiwan. Latvia and Israel have echoed Taiwan’s demands by stressing the need for inclusivity. 


US Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra made a resounding statement calling for Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the WHA and greater participation in the work of WHO. The health ministers of Lithuania, Estonia, and Luxembourg each made statements signaling support for Taiwan’s participation in WHO and the WHA. For the first time, New Zealand specifically mentioned that the world should be able to benefit from the experience, technical engagement, and information sharing from all health communities, including Taiwan. 


Japan and the United States rebutted China’s criticism of support for Taiwan by clarifying that indeed it was China that was politicizing WHO to obstruct Taiwan’s participation. The US strongly refuted China’s misrepresentation of UN General Assembly 2758, stressing that this resolution did not preclude Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the UN system. Japan, in a gesture of great friendship with Taiwan, twice refuted China’s fallacies.


MOFA thanks diplomatic allies for their unwavering support and like-minded nations for their helpful actions. Taiwan will continue to work closely with allies and like-minded nations to garner the greatest possible international support. MOFA also calls on WHO to abide by professionalism and neutrality and the remit of its constitution, curtail China’s political deceptions and suppression, bring Taiwan into the WHA as an observer, and help the world reach the goal of “All for Health, Health for All.” (E)