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MOFA welcomes Malaysia’s extension of automated immigration clearance to Taiwan nationals

  • Date:2024-05-24
  • Data Source:Department of East Asian and Pacific Affairs

May 24, 2024  

No. 183  

The government of Malaysia announced that, starting June 1, visitors holding a Republic of China (Taiwan) passport will be able to use its e-gate system when entering and leaving the country. This will increase immigration clearance efficiency for Taiwan visitors and further strengthen bilateral exchanges across various domains, such as the economy, trade, commerce, tourism, art, and culture.


The government of Taiwan is committed to encouraging other countries to include Taiwan in their automated immigration clearance programs. Malaysia is the 10th nation to offer Taiwan nationals access to such a service. The other nine countries are the United States (application with a fee), the Republic of Korea, Australia, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Japan (application with a fee), the United Kingdom (application with a fee), and the Czech Republic (only for direct flight arrivals).


Taiwan nationals entering Malaysia for the first time on or after June 1 must present their passports for regular immigration clearance at a staffed counter, at which time they may register for automated clearance. They will then be able to use e-gates when leaving Malaysia and on their next and subsequent visits.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) reminds nationals that when using e-gates, related stipulations and regulations should be observed and the announcements of related nations’ governments take precedence. (E)