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Taiwan and Ukraine sign cooperative MOUs as Ukrainian leaders thank Taiwan for assistance in rebuilding their homeland

  • Date:2023-11-15
  • Data Source:Department of European Affairs

November 15, 2023   

No. 391   

Taiwan participated in the ReBuild Ukraine 2nd International Exhibition and Conference in Warsaw, Poland, and opened a national pavilion on November 14 and 15. Acting on behalf of the government, Ambassador Sharon S. N. Wu, Representative of the Taipei Representative Office in Poland, signed six cooperative memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with Ukrainian partners on the first day of the event, deepening the democratic partnership between Taiwan and Ukraine.


Speaking at the signing ceremonies, Ambassador Wu noted that this marked the first time that Taiwan had participated in the exhibition and conference. She emphasized that Taiwan’s participation underscored its determination to stand with Ukraine and allowed others to better understand Taiwan’s productive role in Ukraine’s reconstruction. Adding that Taiwan hoped to participate in even more cooperation in rebuilding Ukraine, Ambassador Wu explained that the logo displayed in the Taiwan pavilion symbolized that Taiwan stands with Ukraine in upholding freedom. 


Ambassador Wu stressed that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a violation of the United Nations Charter that had caused humanitarian and economic crises and inflicted enormous harm on Ukraine and the world. Pointing out that both Taiwan and Ukraine stood on the front line of democratic resistance against authoritarianism, she called on democratic countries to unite in countering authoritarian aggression. She attributed the signing of the MOUs to the cordial partnership between and joint efforts by Taiwan and Ukraine.


In the first ceremony, Ambassador Wu signed an MOU on the Shelter-futUkraine project with Mariia Makivnychuk, CEO of the Alliance of Development. The project plans to establish care centers for children and women in central and western Ukraine, as well as providing legal and psychological counseling and employment training programs for Ukrainian people. Under an MOU on the Leave No One Behind Partnership signed by Ambassador Wu and Yaryna Yasynevych, CEO of the All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy, Taiwan will supply digital equipment and fund educational programs for displaced students in northern and western Ukraine. The ceremony was also attended by Mykola Kniazhytskyi, a member of the Ukrainian Parliament, who stated that as the world faces confrontation between democratic and authoritarian systems, Taiwan and Ukraine must stand together in solidarity.


Ambassador Wu and Bucha Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk signed an MOU in the second ceremony marking Taiwan’s donation of US$300,000 to rebuild the city’s sports school for children. Mayor Fedoruk thanked Taiwan for staunchly supporting Ukraine since the first day of the Russia-Ukraine war and said that Taiwan’s humanitarian assistance had been of special importance to children in the embattled nation. Mayor Fedoruk also signed an MOU on behalf of the 1,031-member Association of Ukrainian Cities to facilitate city-to-city exchanges with Taiwan.


In the third ceremony, Ambassador Wu signed an MOU on the Medical Aid for Burns Project with Regina Maistrova, CEO at Ukraine’s Christian Medical Association, pledging US$1.9 million to help patients who have suffered associated injuries in the conflict. Ambassador Wu also signed an MOU on a PTSD research and healthcare program with Oleksandr Khomiak, CEO of the NGO NO Labels, committing US$1.6 million to intensive psychotherapy and research. The ceremony was witnessed by Alyona Shkrum, a member of the Ukrainian Parliament, who thanked Taiwan for supporting Ukraine and said that these medical assistance programs would do much to help the people of war-torn Ukraine.


The ReBuild Ukraine 2nd International Exhibition and Conference was cosponsored by Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy; Ministry for Communications, Territories, and Infrastructure Development; State Agency for Reconstruction and Development of Infrastructure; and Poland’s Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. Focusing on rebuilding Ukraine’s infrastructure and energy, the event brought together Ukrainian energy agencies, international financial institutions and donors, and stakeholders from the construction and energy sectors to jointly assist the reconstruction efforts of Ukraine.


Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, Taiwan has stood shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine in staunch support and defense of freedom and democracy. Taiwan will continue to cooperate with Ukraine and other like-minded partners to assist Ukraine’s reconstruction and recovery. (E)