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TaiwanIHA donates the second shipment of materials to Burkina Faso to prevent avian flu

  • Date:2006-04-28
  • Data Source:公眾外交協調會

In early April, the deadly H5N1 strain of avian influenza was detected in Burkina Faso. Subsequently, on April 7th, four experts representing TaiwanIHA were sent with a shipment of donated materials and equipment to sanitize the infected areas and also hold seminars. These efforts received detailed coverage in the press, which gained the attention and recognition of both the people and government of Burkina Faso. They expressed their gratitude and praised Taiwan’s medical and health professionals, and our efficiency in humanitarian assistance. International organizations and diplomatic missions based in Burkina Faso also praised these efforts as being the best demonstration of Taiwan’s strength; the implementation of the universal value and ideal of “Health transcends national borders: disease prevention with no gaps.” TaiwanIHA has accommodated Burkina Faso’s second request for assistance and H. E. Paramanga Ernest Yonli, Prime Minister of Burkina Faso, will lead a delegation to Taiwan in late April. They will attend the “Ceremony to mark the second shipment of materials donated by Taiwan to Burkina Faso to prevent avian flu” in the main reception hall on the fifth floor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from 4:00-4:30 P.M. on April 28th. The donations include isolation suits, protective clothing, gloves and masks, as well as disinfectant. Furthermore, Director Hong Hsin-hsiung of the Pingdong County Domestic Animals Disease Prevention and Treatment Center of the Council of Agriculture, along with three other experts who have been to Burkina Faso, will mark the achievements made by personnel dispatched to Burkina Faso. TaiwanIHA welcomes, recognizes and appreciates the generous donations made by private businesses to Burkina Faso and other countries in need, such as the 2000 pieces of protective clothing from DuPont Taiwan Limited, and 100 kg of Virkon disinfectant donated by the Nedtex Company. TaiwanIHA, in its pursuit of the ideal of “Health for all,” will continue to further integrate Taiwan’s domestic medical and health aid resources intended for international medical and health cooperation and emergency assistance. (E)