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Opening remarks by Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu at the Solidarity with Ukraine charity concert

  • Data Source:Department of European Affairs
  • Date:2022-04-17

Jaushieh Joseph Wu
 Minister of Foreign Affairs 
 Republic of China (Taiwan)
 April 17, 2022
 (As Prepared for Delivery)

Good evening!

We come to today's concert with heavy hearts. On February 24, authoritarian Russia mounted a brutal invasion of democratic Ukraine. As the war continues to rage, countless precious lives have already been lost, and millions of Ukrainians have been displaced, forced to flee their homes. It will stand as one of the great human tragedies of our century.

Together with democracies around the world, Taiwan has condemned Russia and imposed sanctions. And the people and government of Taiwan have worked in solidarity to help displaced Ukrainians. Distance has had no bearing on our compassion and desire to assist. Taiwan's actions have shown our goodwill and the common values we cherish.

Today, I join many good friends as we enjoy an evening of exquisite music and pray for Ukraine. I truly hope that this war is soon over and that peace and order are swiftly restored, so that the people of Ukraine can rebuild their beautiful homeland. Taiwan will continue to stand with its democratic partners to support Ukraine.

Thank you.