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Remarks by Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu at the opening ceremony of the 2023 International Organizations Day

  • Data Source:Department of International Organizations
  • Date:2023-10-21

Jaushieh Joseph Wu

 Minister of Foreign Affairs 

 Republic of China (Taiwan)

 October 21, 2023

 (As Prepared for Delivery)

Ladies and gentlemen:

Good morning!

On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan), I extend a warm welcome to everybody joining us for the 2023 International Organizations Day. Your presence demonstrates your unwavering support for Taiwan's international participation.

This year marks the second time we are hosting this significant event. The aim is to showcase Taiwan's capacity to engage in and contribute to multilateral cooperation and endeavors. 

Today's theme of "Taiwan can help, Taiwan is always here" is not a mere catchphrase. It encapsulates Taiwan's genuine value as a dependable member of the international community.

Over the past few years, we have consistently demonstrated that we are willing and able to aid people and nations in need. Taiwan donated over 51 million masks to more than 80 countries during the pandemic. We have also committed 113 million US dollars in financial support and provided over 700 metric tons of medical and humanitarian supplies to the people of Ukraine. It is not only coming from the government but also from the donations of regular people here in Taiwan. And in February, we extended assistance following the earthquake in Türkiye, contributing 40 million US dollars from the public and private sectors along with 400 metric tons of goods. Again, it is not only coming from the government but also coming from the regular public, and I think the regular public contribution is much more significant than what the government here has been doing. These cases show that Taiwan is a responsible stakeholder and a force for good.

At present, Taiwan participates only in 72 intergovernmental organizations due to China's unwarranted and unjustified obstruction. China has pressured the United Nations into excluding Taiwan based in large part on a misrepresentation of UN General Assembly Resolution 2758, which neither mentions Taiwan nor authorizes the People's Republic of China to represent Taiwan in the UN system.

Despite the challenges we face, our legitimate request for international participation is gaining broader international support. For instance, at this year's World Health Assembly, 12 of our diplomatic allies and 13 like-minded countries voiced their support for Taiwan's inclusion. World leaders, such as Czech President Petr Pavel, and foreign ministers from G7 countries have also expressed support for Taiwan’s participation in the international organizations on various international occasions in the last few months.

Taiwan has proven to be a force for good and an able partner to make positive contribution to the world. I urge the UN system to find appropriate ways to include Taiwan so that no one is left behind. Only in this way can we uphold the principles of universality and inclusiveness.

Once again, it is a pleasure to have you all with us today. Taiwan is always willing to assist when the international community needs us. Just like our theme for today, Taiwan can help, and Taiwan is always here.

Thank you!